Found out my plants are 3 males :( What can I do with them?

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  1. I harvested these plants awhile ago everything was going fine and I thought I had everything right. Well my friend came over and told me that they were 3 males and I trust his assumption bc he has plants of his own and knows what he's doing. Let me tell you, these plants look dank with little buds but plenty of seeds, and I can see some THC crystals but very little amounts.

    So my question to you guys is: what can I do with them is their any use?!?
  2. How did you harvest a plant and not know its sex?
  3. I thought it was female, I was wrong.. I just need to know can you give me an answer?
  4. I really don't even know what you mean by harvested a male. You chopped it and hung it up to dry? If so than all the pollen sacks must have opened up and spread everywhere.

    The only thing you can do is collect the pollen - if there is any left - and store it and use it to breed on your next crop if you wish.

    Some people might tell you to make hash, but I think that is a waste of time.
  5. Sorry to hear it. a couple things come to mind some nothing i've done personally but seem to make sense in a general sense. if these particular plants are known to produce exceptional offspring, you could harvest pollen, store it in the freeze for some rainy day when you feel like playing god. Or, you could possibly graft on female branches and use that established root stock for something other than compost.

    haven't had much luck with your particular interests, but have done some reading about this particular subject.

    theres a f*cking awesome video i'd like you to see, but i can't remember where the h-e double hocky sticks i saw it, a guy had grafted 7 or more, (fuzzy) different strains onto the same plant to stay within his legal limit.

    best of luck and sorry to hear about your misfortune.
  6. [ame=]Urban Grower Talks About Grafting Cannabis Plants - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Yepp thanks for the help guys and my plants are still outside, I haven't chopped them at all yet I can just see that their males
  8. that's the one


  9. My boy dropped pollen waaaaay before my girl had buds.... Good lookin' out.
  10. Any other suggestions? Really at loss here
  11. If there's seeds then its not a male or a female but a hermaphrodite ...
    If that's the case , take the seeds and you can still smoke her although chances are it's nt gonna be amazing .
    If there actually no seeds and it's a typo then just try collect and freeze the pollen for future breeding way down the track when you know what's male and female :)
    Bummer about the 3 boys , better luk next time :)
  12. Any one else?? Last bump
  13. how many female plants do you have?
  14. I have one and 2 clones

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