Found out my parents are really chill!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mrmarijuana, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hey grasscity, I always thought it my parents caught me smoking weed they would beat my ass. But, recently the drug tested me and I told them I was going to fail. They asked me what drug(s) I have been using. They thought I was doing cocaine or ecstasy. I told them I smoke marijuana. They said I should stop smoking for a while so I can get a job, which I was going to do anyway.

    So, I have been sober for 1 month. My dad told me he used to grow with his buddies when he was 25 years old to 35 years old. My mom said she would get free hash and pot from her boyfriend.

    Just yesterday my dad told me when I get a job and pass the drug test required for almost every job I can continue to smoke marijuana. But, he said he doesn't want me paying for marijuana on the streets because there is always a possibility of it being laced. So, he said we can grow a few plants!

    I can't wait until I find a job and then grow and smoke with my mom and dad! They used to be big stoners along with using another substance that we cannot talk about here. My mom and dad haven't smoked for over 10 years.

    My mom has anxiety, depression, arthritis, pains, and sometimes nausea so I think smoking or edibles would be a great thing for her instead of all those anti-deppresants and pain medications she currently takes.

    So, have you ever thought your parents would kill you if they knew you toke but, later found they actually approve of you smoking? :smoke:
  2. They thought you were doing cocaine?
    Where do middle school kids get money for cocaine?
  3. I came home for Mother's Day last weekend and my mom showed me her pill bottle...She had like 2 g :D she only paid $20 too!! Good buy MOM!!


    She was smoking out of a fucking foil pipe tho, so I'm gonna stock her stash and buy her a sneak-a-toke...

    I mean its the least I can do...She raised me!!! :laughing:

  4. yay for making completely and utterly pointless accusations, as if you can somehow accurately guess the age of an online avatar.
    thats absolutely ridiculous. and another thing, your comment was much more naive than anything OP actually said so fuck off you 12 year old pubeless kid.
  5. Fight!

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