Found out about LED from wall power late

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  1. Is it worth continuing? I’m supposed to be starting Week 7 of flower. But I’m not sure the plants will recover.

    I was running a spider farmer sp1000 in a 2x2 tent was given four clones of wedding cake put in 3 gal buckets. And they outgrew the tent.. so I bought a 4x4 gorilla tent got them moved over bought a new light s450 Advanced Spectrum but I noticed the buds just kinda stalled.. so I reached out for help and someone suggested I put the other light in ASAP. This was last week and I feel like the plants are just bushing out now more and not really putting growth into buds.

    Sp1000 -100w
    S450 - 320w
    Total -420w

    And I think they’re going to suffer..

    Coco medium
    Fox farm dirty dozen nutes
    45-50% humidity

    Any ideas?

    Thanks! IMG_9516.JPG IMG_9583.JPG

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  2. You're way past the stage of putting on any bud mass, looks like it's ripening up. Those lights are more than enough.

    An SF-1000 has no problem growing out a 2x2, it's not the most amount of light to cram in there, but it's a lot.
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  3. Train them and feed them better through late veg and early flower next time and you should have a good yield.
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  4. The sp1000 worked fine in the small tent but the 4 clones I got for free randomly outgrew the tent after many Training cycles. Once I outgrew the 2x2 I moved into my 4x4 (new grower indoors and learned a lot this grow) but then the. SP1000 wasn’t enough for four plants in a 4x4 so I bought a bigger light thinking it would be enough but then was told to get about 500w off the wall for that size tent and LEDs..

    I was going to grow one plant in a seven gallon but ended up with a bunch of free clones. And think I bit off more than I could chew.

    Lessons learned for the next one I guess this plant is gonna be a bunch of popcorns lol


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  5. You're nowhere near close to filling every square inch of the tent, so you're not going to need a light that fills every square inch. Sounds like you just need to get your training down
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  6. Sound good, gonna hit the forums and YouTube university for my next grow. Which will be from seed. Thanks again.

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  7. How tall was the 2x2? The 4 foot tall ones can be tricky before you run out of space, but the 5-6 foot ones are usually a decent amount of height.
  8. Dude there isn't even a picture of his full tent how are you gonna say its not filled out?
  9. The point I'm trying to make is this isn't an issue of lights, but just training, feeding, and overall growing methods. Tall stretchy stems with next to no bud sites tells me there's no way that place is maxed out in terms of coverage. Maximize what you can do before trying to maximize every watt into every square inch.
  10. The 2x2 is 4 feet tall, I bought it as a kit and was planning on starting with one plant to see if it was something I wanted to do. Then a friend comes out of left field with 12 clones I kept as many a live as possible and gave away as many as I could before I was left with 4 plants and just went wide open haha.

    The 4x4 is 6’11” tall.

    This is them the night I took them out of the 2x2 I thought the sea of green looked nice, personally.

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