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Found old marijuana should i smoke it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dylanzs, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hi guys iv been smoking for 5 years but am new to this site, anyway I found a couple old bits of bud (ruffly 3 months) about the size of my little finger nail,so it's a bit brown and crunchy but not so that it breaks up when I hold it and squish it, it goes back to shape, it's still covered in crystals the picture doesn't do it justice it's my iPhone camera but there colored a with a yellow tinge?, I'm out currently but am getting a new ounce tomorrow but i am thinking of smoking it so I can relax a bit easier before bed, do you think it would be alright it hasn't been on the floor or anything, I found it in s bottle cap in my draw, also what should I use to get the most out of it? My glass bong, or metal pipe?. Hopefully that made sense I'm a little bit medicated had a bowl with a good friend I havnt seen In a while. So get back to me, and have a wonderful and stonie day :)
  2. Just use the bongerrr
  3. Here's the pictures of the bud and my baby

    Attached Files:

  4. I'd say as far as anything you'd need to be concerned of is mold on the bud (which from your post I don't really know if it could be) and spiders/bugs messing with it. If all seems fine it's just a matter of seeing if it'll help u sleep or not. I honestly couldn't tell you how long thc lasts in bud, mainly because I smoke my stuff usually as soon as I get back home.
  5. yeah i'd burn it. as long as theres no mold, but you'd tell from the scent.
  6. It's fine. Just smoke it.
  7. how do you plan to remove the plant from the jar when it needs a bigger pot?
  8. You have to cut around it and carefully transfer it into a bigger pot with soil already in it.
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    The glass is very thin so I am either going to smash the glass over the pot or dig it out with my hands
  10. #10 Dylanzs, May 13, 2011
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    Yeah I was going to but I have this flavor drops which makes it taste beautiful but at night wen I went to smoke it I couldn't find it haha, and there's no mold on it but no smell anymore either, I posted pictures too
  11. DONT SMASH IT. It can and probably will traumatize the plant rendering is useless.
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    Ok it's a low rider any way so won't grow that big
  13. try it
    and tell us how's the feeling;)
  14. So I smoked it in my bong tasted like shit and was harsh as but it got me ripped
  15. /thread. ^
  16. Just make sure your mold free and your good to go.

  17. worth it i bet
  18. Was totally worth it, and no there was no mold, bout to load up my vape and get sky high off a purple haze and green crack mix.

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