Found nutes, what do u think?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by BungaJack, May 25, 2009.

  1. Well my dad came over to the house asking me if i wanted to try this stuff on my pot plants. He smokes and grows also. The product is Espoma Tomato-Tone 3-4-6. I was just wondering if this will do anything good/bad? Thankz for your time.:D
  2. that would be OK in flowering if your plants are in veg it wont help that much
  3. OK thats what i was thinkin also. But what would be a good nute for veg? Like NKP?
  4. something high in n.. epoma plant tone is 5 3 3 thats a little better...

    or you could use that the tomato tone in conjunction with blood meal worm castings or other nutrients high in n...

    keep in my mj is a plant...

    it takes whatever you give it...
  5. ya i understand just kinda wondering what i should be lookin for. Now what about those fish liquids u can add w/ water?
  6. I have been telling alot of you about a perfect product that I was lucky enough to find and have been hooked on because of its simplicity, it is organic, eco-friendly non-toxic and safe to use. Check out Electric Green They are distributors of VF-11, once you use this you will never use anything again.
  7. fish liquids go for it.. theres more then one way to skin a cat... experiment have fun make mistakes... dont worry to much...

    but the rule of thumb is

    high n for veg... lower n higher p and k for bloom almost no N late in flowering

    so something like 5 3 3 for veg

    3 8 8 for early bloom

    0 88 or 1 88 late bloom

    but these number aren't exact. and when mixing nutes try to keep in mind whats heavy in certain areas and weak in others... if your using something for bloom thats 2 5 3 molasses's will take care of the extra k...

    keep that in mind.... anything else?
  8. Bump

    So I have some Garden Tone by Espoma it's 4-6-6, and I want to use it with some potting soil, ewc, and perlite, would that be ok to use from veg thru harvest? Also some dolomite lime too. Thanks
  9. I need to get my post count up jeez! :D
  10. hey i tried that vf-11 that shit is really good for veg but i dunno for flower but i used it before and had very good results highly recommeneded.

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