Found my sack I lost. Outside. To smoke or not to smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by primetime21335, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. It probably got rained on. And it wasn't in a baggy it was just wrapped in a peice of paper because I lost it on the way to my car to smoke it. AND there was a hole chewed in the paper. Damn squirrels.

    Should I smoke it? It's actually pretty dried out now. It's not wet but it's more moist than it was when I bought it (lol it's some dried up middies). It's not moldy. It actually looks fine.

    It was sitting right on the side of a path. Been there since like wednesday... lol.. probably been passed by like 3000 ppl since then, noone even touched it (besides the squirrel).

    I couldn't believe it was there when I passed it today.

    Think it's still good smoke? I don't know if it's rained since then or not but like I said it's not really wet, just damp. And not damp as in wet cloth damp, just... not completely dried out.

    I didn't plan on smoking it until I opened up the paper and saw the weed was still intact.

    WHAT TO DO!? Think it's safe?
  2. Well, I'd cure it for a couple days, and check for mold.

    If you can't find anything wrong with it, light that shit up *****!
  3. Outside for four days and nobody picked it up?
    i say you were destined to smoke that weed.
  4. hahaha! nice dankone! i think that decided it for me! :D. I aint even gonna cure it, it seems like i can still light it OK.
  5. dude,smoke that up! based on your sounds good!
  6. Yeh man, I would smoke it personally if I couldn't detect any mold on it.
  7. I would also smoke it if I was you.
  8. yup as long as you take any mold off, and there ain't any mites on it, I'd say torch that shit up
  9. The paper is yellow where the weed was... but idc. I'm rolling the blunt now. When I get back I'll tell you if i still got high because this is a nice size blunt.
  10. you'll be high, trust me
  11. Smoke that shit up.
  12. I am high!! Lol. :laughing: :poke:
  13. Word.

    Me two.


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