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found my parents stash!!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Demerson30, May 3, 2011.

  1. #1 Demerson30, May 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 3, 2011
    so i was snooping around in my parents room looking for a lighter and i smelled this odor coming from this storage container that had a lock on it. I KNEW it was weed so i lift the lid as far as i could and started digging my hand in the container with was about 3 feet deep.

    It took about five minutes and BINGO! I lift a bag and it appears to be about a quarter of some reggies . I took a few grams and put it back in the storage container.

    This is an amazing discovery because I didn't even know my parents SMOKED weed. It took my completely by surprise. I knew they smoked back in the day and i thought they quit. Guess not.

    My mom has stolen bud and lighters from me before. So now i know what she does when she leaves the house without saying anything to anybody.

    I also know why shes always broke. She spends it on fuckin weed!!
  2. Haha welcome to the club youd be suprised how many parents smoke. My Dad hid it from my mom for 18 years and then when they split he started to hide his weed in his dufflebag and i just randomly found it. Haha havent talked to him about it but we sorta both know eachother smokes..:smoke:
  3. Don't take your parents stash. Just ask.
  4. A) why were you snooping in your parents room? How old are you.. shit
    B) Why would you take their bud..
  5. Prepare for the onslaught of people saying you shouldn't take your parent's stash, because you shouldn't, it's karma.
  6. my mom has STOLEN bud from me when she found it in my room. Now I know what she does with it...
  7. Your parents are whack... buyin reggies and shit :D
  8. they sure are lol. It had hella seeds and stems in them. They still call it reefer LMAO!
  9. Thats pretty funny, but I wouldn't take from your parents stash, just ask them about it. I'm sure you both would be relieved to now have nothing to hide.
  10. Congratulations on being the envy of half the kids posting on here about their ignorant pot-hating parents.
  11. idk about that. I dont talk to my dad at ALL. and my mom is very annoying. I doubt i would be able to talk to her about weed, when i can't even have a normal conversation with her.
  12. Yeah and explaining what you were doing in her room to find the weed might be awkward.

    I'd just be happy knowing if you ever get caught out you can call her out on being a hypocrite. Get out of jail free card, blade.
  13. Stealing your parents tree is like stealing their're basically robbing yourself.
  14. why would you take a few grams?? mids too?? put that shit back man not cool!
    there probably using it for fucking or something
    give your old man a break
  15. Stealing from your parents: The lowest low.
  16. I rub my dick over my bud after I get it for just this reason.
  17. Kids these days....snooping in your parents room, finding bud, stealing it. Yeah good idea.
  18. That's pretty much parental right, it's not called stealing, It's confiscating. And honestly if you can't hide your stash in a responsible manner you shouldn't have it. Second why would you steal from your parents? Stealing is wrong, especially from the people who birthed and raised you. :(
  19. Hahahahaha. I kept my use and stash from my folks all last year and I regret it. My dad was totally cool with it and my Mom didn't care so long as I still did good in school. My dad actually gives me some mint as nuggies all the time these days.
  20. How dare you bite the hand that feeds you.

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