Found my neighbors weed plants

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  1. So I was walking through the woods early this summer and found his plants just sprouting snd I left them alone. So yesterday I walked to my neighbors shed where we always just sit and talk and I noticed the dank smell so I look up in his attic part and saw all his plants drying but I didnt say anything. Today I was walking down his trail and noticed this big pot with soil in jt and there was another pot over it and i uncovered the pot and found this!.... ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413518972.746441.jpg

    Smokin' blunts on the block
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    Bro, dont do anything dumb. Just chill with ur neighbor. Maybe give him hints to move his plants, or just straight up tell him u found his plants an to move them. You will be remembered an if its a cool neighbor, he will reward u for not fuckin with his girls...
    Also if u dont grow u may have earned a connect
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  3. Yea man stop poking around his shit

    Its just not alright

    Even if he seems chill, inside he will think "damn I got a nosey fuck for a neighbor
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  4. I tried talkin to him about it but he denied everything and tried telling me they where a type of herb used for cooking and said they ain't weed and shit so I just was like alright

    Smokin' blunts on the block
  5. Haha. Just tell him unaint dumb and maybe that you should chill sometime. Dont say u smoke tho. Just confront him about the plants again an say "lets chill" an if he agree maybe match bowls with him?
  6. tell him he needs to save his egg shells.
  7. He's always helped me with anything I needed like fixing my dirtbike and shit but here are some more pics ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413519636.601596.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413519657.019141.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413519669.834720.jpg

    Smokin' blunts on the block
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  8. I know dude I kept telling him I know what they are and I don't care at all but he just refuses to admit. He's blaming it on his neighbor

    Smokin' blunts on the block
  9. Hmm. Maybe hes just paranoid. O well I guess he dont want u to know. Eitherway find out his veiws on marijuana?
  10. Lol if dude is saying they arent his he clearly is politely saying fuck off dude
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  11. I would take it. Looks fire.

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    I hate the term "fire" anyways if you think it looks "fire" because its purple thats because of temps. And im sure you would get beaten up or a gun pointed at you.
  13. That's definitely an exotic cooking herb....very rare.
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  14. Tiny plant lol.
    Leave it be, don't cause beef with your next door neighbour.

    Maybe give him tips on how to grow? Lol


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  15. By him saying its an exotic cooking herb, thats him saying "get off my property, leave my shit be, or we're gonna have problems". You shouldn't be nosing around your neighbors shit unless you suspect them of some extreme foul play(murder, rape, kidnapping) and even then unless you're a federal agent or LEO, you're best bet is to not go snooping.
    It is definitely bud, he knows it, you know it, he knows you know it, you know he knows it. He doesn't want to accept responsibilty for it for a few reasons (are you in a legal state/is it legally grown?)
    A) its an illegal grow so he doesn't want responsilibty
    B) he is unsure of your status with the police and doesn't want a rando knowing he has plants growing(you could be a cooperating police witness)
    C) its a legal grow but he still doesn't want word spreading that he in peticular grows.
    If you want to be even more straight up with him - say you know they're weed plants, wether or not he will agree with you. Tell him to cut the shit and move the plants and cover up his growing better or the next person to find it won't be as nice and relaxed. I was an LEO and on patrol I would be given woods to go through and you best believe I would find pot plants scattered. Just the plants being close enough to his house we'd have probable cause for a search warrant on the house.
    If he wants to continue to deny, let it be and the inevitable will eventually happen.
    I've smoked an hour before a raid down my street and it still scared the shit out of me even though I'm legal/not growing over plant count/etc
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    Yeah smart move after he already talked to the neighbor about it. He wouldn't know who took it or anything. Derp.
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  17. Yes true but depending on the legality of the grow, what are you gonna do? Go call the cops because a 2 gram plant you grew illegally went missing?

    Back in highschool this kid got robbed of his money when he went to buy weed, called the cops and told them he went to buy drugs and was robbed. Cops got him his money, he got some kind of drug charge LOL and the kids who robbed him got possesion, intent to distribute, etc.
  18. cool
    litfa :bongin:
  19. As rare as pube hair man.

    But lol at the tiny bugger. Poor plant... let him do his thing man unless youre gonna help him out. Or just walk up to him smoking a j nonchalant like see what happens.

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  20. You are nice for not disturbing them. But this thread shouldnt exist and neither should those pics.

    You are writing your own story with every action you take. This is how a man's character is measured.

    Leave him alone and be wise enough to pretend you dont see anything.

    In my life experience in these matters those who no see, no speak, no hear are the golden ones that can be trusted.

    If you would have taken a different path and pretended not to know anything at all, theres a good chance he would have took you under his wing.

    I cannot see that happening now. You are far too curious and have not controlled yourself enough.

    And he sounds like a really great guy.
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