Found my mums hash. What to do!?

Discussion in 'General' started by tombo479, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I'm still living with the rents due to financial reasons, and I always got the vibe that she blazed for some reason or another, but today when I was high and looking for some munch, I ran into a metal tin, which had some hash and rolling papers in it. What should I do? How would you go About it? I was thinking of putting a joint and a note in the tin, saying I'd rather she smoke bud than hash (in the uk, dealers mix hash with all sorts so it weighs out) What would you do?
  2. Put a tiny nug in there and play stupid, see what happens.
  3. I keep seeing threads from uk, where people say all of the stuff over their is sprayed, and ugh im glad america doesnt have that problem. Your mom could probaly teach you a thing or two .
  4. Your mom will know it was you. In sure of it. Hahahaha just use it up for the hell of it!
  5. Don't say anything and stay out of her personal life?
  6. [quote name='"ScoobyJew"']Your mom will know it was you. In sure of it. Hahahaha just use it up for the hell of it![/quote]

    I would never steal anything from my parent's, I'm living in there house rent free, need to respect them.

    I forgot to mention my mum is oblivious to the fact that I toke, do you think this could lead to me smoking with her?

  7. That or it could cause u problems...I say probe her verbally and judge her reaction....dont burn any bridges or make any irreversible moves.
  8. Your mom has a good number of years on you. She probably can get hash off old friends who are less likely to mix stuff in with hash.

    I know you guys had that glass problem but sometimes you are paranoid over in the UK.

    You want to know if its not bunk? Light a chunk on fire since you broke into her stash anyway, and see if it smells like hash or incense you can get at the local hippy shop. The smell is one of those smells you don't mistake. If you want to go the extra mile you could slice it with a knife, you should be able to tell by the texture and lighter colour on the inside.
  9. If she doesn't know don't do anything. You never know how she'll react.

    Just put the stash back and pretend noting ever happened.
  10. Leave it alone?
  11. Ask her whats up then eventually see if she would smoke with you.
  12. Smoke with her.

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