found my ipod from 5 years ago!!!!

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    you guys can never believe how happy i am right now!:hello:
    this was my first ipod i bought with my first ever paycheck from my first job!

    its a 30gb ipod video with 14gb of songs i forgot about and like 3gb of photos i thought i lost forever.

    i lost it 11 months after getting it and was so pissed because it cost me 1 months pay [ye it was $400 back then]


    edit: last time i remember putting it inside my car and then it was gone.
    it turns out it fell in between the handbrake boot.
    my dad was changing the clutch so the whole centre console was taken off and found it!
  2. Where the hell did you find it?
  3. seriously, how can you tell us this story without the location of where it was found?
  4. Wow!!! Do you have another one though? What are you going to do with it? I would charge it and listen to all the songs on it :cool:

    I wonder where I put my first iPod...I know it's here in my room somewhere. The battery life was shitty as hell lol I had it from 06-08 and by the end I had to keep the backlight off and keep it on shuffle so that it wouldn't die on me. I'd listen to it on the way to school and by the time I got to school it would die :mad: then my ex got me an 8 gig iPod nano and I still use it now....but I do plan to get myself an iTouch eventually.
  5. Wow i wanted to come in here and you tell me some crazy how you got really drunk one night and apparently shoved an ipod up a drunk incoherent girls vagina....and then this girl has been having stomach problems for 5 years and finally got an get what I'm saying, an evil cliff hanger is what it is. TELL US!
  6. thats awesome good vibes. ipod classics are the shit i had the same one back in the day but i gave it to my brother after i got the 1st itouch(which i still have and planning on keepin it for ever)
    i would def charge it and listen to it to see how much your taste in music has change over the past 5 years.

    Happy listening! :wave:
  7. haha yew. man, i went wakeboarding one day with my younger sister's ipod nano in my boardies pocket, completely forgot about it. soaked right through, was fucked. i lost it in my room for about a year and a half, found it one day, hit the play button and the fucker turned on! has some screen coloration damage but it still works good as new aside from that. sturdy little fucker. enjoy reminiscing man and appreciate your good luck considering the odds were against you ever finding that bastard again given its location lol

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