Found my dog after 4 months

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. holy sweet JAH
    like man I got this dog lost/then stolen/then ran away at least once i know of on(june 10th)

    I had a dog at a friends dog got out,
    stolen by homeless people
    then sold to kids, then ran away from those people house.

    I gave up on jul 10th after i poseted a picture and adon craigslist,

    got called yesterday and i was like na its not but ill check it out.

    sure enought they picked her up like 20-30 miles away

    I got my bbb baby back
  2. damnn, thats heart warming. glad to hear shes ok

    but keep a leash on her man, she already used up her 3 chances
  3. thats fuckin awesome man :D give her a cookie bone for me
  4. Fucking dog thief's!!!!
  5. Thats awesome dude. What kinda dog is she?
  6. Awwww im happy for you :}
    you got lucky
  7. Right on man, very happy for you. Spoil the hell out of that dog.
  8. Grats man! Must be a righteous feeling finally having him back!
    Good to see he's safe.
  9. Wow, that is quite lucky OP. I'd be heartbroken if I lost one of my three dogs. They're like family to me.
  10. Homeward bound came to mind when i read that shit

    Haha k9 buddies for life
  11. [quote name='"Big Juice"']Homeward bound came to mind when i read that shit

    Haha k9 buddies for life[/quote]

    Damn I love that movie I haven't watched it in like
    10 years
  12. i have a sudden need to cuddle my cat and watch homeward bound
    regardless of what kind of pet, humans become very emotional and attached to them
    warms my heavy broken heart when i read stories like this one, just fantastic
    glad to hear she is ok man,
    and remember to give that dog 4 months worth of good hard loving, shes missed out on it
  13. Hell yeah man! this bowls for you and your dog.
  14. Your the man buzz well!!
  15. didn't read you post OP....but damn man that must feel so fucking good...(the topic title was touching so reading the post would probably invoke some inner feelings of mine lol)

    i'm glad
  16. [​IMG]

    cant fcuking get the new pic photobucet is being weird

    but its in attacments i guess:cool:
  17. 50 lbs rot

    like 1 year now.

    when do dogs stop growing>
  18. depends on the breed. 1.5-2.5 years im guessing. and shes looking good man. glad you got her back
  19. I can relate man. My brother got in a car accident with 2 dogs in the car, (one his and one my sister's.) he rolled his truck in the mountains in bc on a stormy winter night. His dog was there after the accident (unharmed) and my sister's dog, (who by the way is the best dog ever, husky/golden retriever who was found abandoned), was no where to be found. We went out looking in the middle of the night, about 2 hours away from home, to try to find this dog. We didn't know where he went or if he was even alive. It was middle of winter too so it was really cold. Anyway, we were sure he was alive and we kept going back, made posters, ads on the Internet, everything, and there was no sign of him. Then about 3 weeks later, when we were starting to accept the fact that he may very possibly be dead, we got a phone call from an old lady who had found him in her yard! He was totally okay, just very skinny. It was such a great feeling!

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