Found my dads weed and told him

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  1. Okay, so about a year ago I found maybe 2 grams of weed, seeds, rolling papers, and a bowl in my dads room (I was suspicious that he was talking me on drug deals [why he would take me I have no clue] and he has a past with drugs). I wasn't mad at all, I actually thought it was funny.
    so I just did something, and I don't know if this is was a good or bad idea. I sent him one of the pictures I took of his stash and said 'sharing is caring'
    he hasn't responded, part of me thinks he won't even get the picture for some reason, he could be asleep. but I thought I'd let you guys know
  2. Good luck lol. Depends on what kind of relationship you have with your dad.
  3. Hopefully it works out. My buddy's mom found out and she stole from him once and told him. Then he rolled some for her.
  4. I learned it by watching you!

    Dude, it would be so fucking cool to blaze with my Dad, I hope it works out, I'd be super jealous!

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