Found my dad's stash.

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  1. Blades i need your help. Yesterday I found my dads spot while home on break. Sadly I found another one of his aluminum pipes. I bring it up every now and then about how smoking metals increases the chance for alzhymers. I really wanna buy him a piece but i feel like it would be awkward as fuck if I gave it to him. Any thoughts gc?
  2. Smoking metal pipes probably isnt that bad, its not like hes doing it that often probably.

    But just get him a piece then; if its awkward, make it not awkward.
  3. Hell, if it were my dad, I'd buy him a bowl and smoke with him!
  4. Just buy him a pipe, if you know he smokes and he knows you know, how the fuck is that awkward?
  5. just buy him a bowl and leave it somewhere like on his pillow or something with a note that says throw that junk away.
  6. Yea dude but it and put it in his stash spot with a note. I found my dads stash and I'm thinking about putting a sac in there
  7. Thats the thing i don't understand I'm in college and i honestly have no clue why he cant just be chill about it :/
  8. my dad smoked a metal pipe before he smokes a glass bowl haha
  9. buy him a little glass spoon and break it in with him. :smoking:
  10. If you found your dads the cops.
  11. narc!

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