Found my dad's old stash

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  1. Yeah man u know you got time to snap a few pics. Screw the pipe and shit I wanna see the bud!
  2. in for pics aswell :)
  3. It works.

    And damn does it ever work.

    I know I said I'd upload pics today but, well I didn't. I'll upload them tomorrow, for real.

  4. bluffin mcmuffin :p.
  5. Hey, don't feel pressured man. Take your time. Take your time.
  6. In for the pics :hello:
  7. OP is lagging hard on pics
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    Here's a picture of the best preserved of all the weed. This stuff was in the bag on top so there was no pressure on it. Most of the other stuff though is dust. I'll get pics of that stuff later tonight.

    I've had a couple people sample it. So far, everyone has said that it's a different kind of high, and also pretty strong. It's strange. It's the only stuff that's ever caused me to make frequent mistakes while typing, throw in random words etc... Definitely a good time though.

    edit: just remembered I took a video on friday. Uploading that soon.

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  9. pack your dads old bowl with his old weed and ask him to smoke it with you.
  10. [ame=]YouTube - M2U00116[/ame]

    Excellent camerawork. I may have exaggerated when I said "trippy ass lighter" and "sick ass pipe". Also there's less than I thought.
  11. both those lighters are new! i'd say that's not quite as old a stash as you think.
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    It looks like dandruff on rhino skin.


    Oh, I just saw the vdo. Cool stuff!

    The box looks nice... and the pipe. The white dots are nice... and the lighter too. the second one. Looks pretty 'hippy' man...

    Hey, seriously. Put that shit back. Take a bit, sure, but put the rest back in the box and leave it on the shelf like it was.

    Your dad will know for sure you took some. But as long as rest of it is in the box, he won't get mad.

    But if you take the whole box, then you can forget about asking him for any new toy.

  13. Pretty much and from the crappy pictures the weed doesn't actually look too bad. go figure :smoke:
  14. See now I've been thinking that maybe it all isn't so old, but then how do you explain the weed that is practically dust? You'd think he'd smoke it at some point if he was still smoking at all. Also, he most definitely does not smoke ciggarettes. He had lung cancer a while back and that would be so dumb of him. So why keep that old stuff around? Also what makes you say the lighters are new?
  15. mostly, the sticker on the back of the bic and the shape of the other one.

    the local store just got those weird shaped ones like 2,3 months ago.
  16. The second one is out of fluid. The bic though, honestly I think it is relatively new. I suppose I can't explain that one. I think what I'm gonna do is take all of the ciggs out of the pack, and replace them with a note saying "Why are you smoking cigarettes dumbass? Stick to the stuff in the wooden box." If you guys are right and he's still smoking then he should get that message and there are no unnecessary confrontations.

  17. Haha yeah that should do the trick. Sounds like something my folks would have done to me :p
  18. man that weed is probably like a momento or something stop touching it dick. lol

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