Found my anti pot dads stash!! !!UPDATED WITH PICS!!

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    Earlier today I found my dads stash, the funny part is if he catches me high I'll get kicked out.

    And before you say it, no I wasn't snooping around his things, I found it by accident.

    So earlier to day I decided to drive out to the lake and blaze and fish as I havnt done it in months. I gathered my things, tacklebox, two rods, and last I decided to grab a a minnow bucket. As I carried my gear to my trunk, I could feel something rattling around inside the minnow bucket. When I checked inside I found 2 packs of cigarettes, one zippo, a bic, and what I at first thought was an empty walmart bag.

    When I looked inside I saw a rolled up sandwich bag. When I unrolled the bag at the bottom of it I find what looks to be between an 3.5 and 1/4 of weed. I grabbed two nugs from it and took them on my blaze and fish trip to make absolute sure it was weed (I still couldn't believe I had found my dads weed). Took it out and smoked it, and though it wasn't as strong as the good nugs I get, the 4 bowls worth did get me high.

    I know the stuff in the bucket is his, other than me he's the only one who smokes cigarettes. My mom thinks he quit over a year ago though, which explains why he was hiding them in a bucket. I just can't believe he smokes though, he's told me if he catches me high or find paraphernelia in his house, he'll throw me out (moving into a place with some friends from college soon though).

    The weed is absolute scwag, a seedy stemmy mess. Sucks he won't be more lenient on me smoking, I could hook him up with bud 10X as good.

    I have cellphone pics, I will post them when I get the chance (my mother uses my computer sometimes, Ill need to upload them when she's out of the house to make sure she doesn't walk in, it could be a few days, keep posted).

    Sorry for the poor quality, they were cellphone pics.

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  2. Without him knowing, replace them with chron' nugs. He can't say anything about it. Would be a nice surprise.
  3. It's sorta true, most parents have 'schwag'.

    When their kids can find chronic.

    Funny how times are now.
  4. Anti-Pot! My only weakness!!

    BlaRGH BlwAh OuGh

    *Bursts into goo*
  5. My friend hooks his parents up with amazing nugs, they don't know how lucky they are. Also, I smoked up my guitarists mom (which was weird as hell by itself) and I had some lemon g she thought was like the most beautiful bud in the world.
  6. You should just put some fat nugs in there and mess with him.

    If he ever catches you smoking/high just tell him you found the weed in his stash. He'll be so shocked that you'll probably get out of it.
  7. You should let him catch you just so you can be all like "I LEARNED IT FROM YOU DAD!" pwnd.
  8. Do this, if i could rep you i would.

  9. Bonus points if you can fake cry.
  10. I'm sure it would go alot like this...
  11. not necessarily true. i have a friend who's dad's bud is danker than some of the shit we get.
  12. smoke the whole bag man...i would especially if my dad was such a hypocrite...and then when he sees that his weed is gone he wont be able to kick you out cuz im sure he hides it from your mom if he hides smoking cigs

    if its schwag just roll up a fatty...thats what schwag is for...dont smoke that shit in glass haha
  13. The first time i found my Mom's stash, i was pleasantly surprised.

    She had it in a little glass jar with a lable "#2" on it.

    Damn it smelt strong. I didn't take any. I have my own steady supply ;)
  14. Highly doubt it. His house, his rules. Doesnt matter if he's being hypocritical he might say youre going thru my shit too?! and sock him in the face..who knows.
  15. hurry with the PICS! :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  16. Replace it with two ridiculously dank nugs, each wrapped with a ribbon like a Christmas present. That'll put a smile on his face.

  17. lol i remember this ad coming on tv...this was before i smoked tho now its hilarious...

    and yea hook em up /w some dank and see if he says something...he better be appreciative lol
  18. this. He cant approach you to ask about it without admiting he smokes too. So you either smoke free, or he has to admit to being a hypocryte. its a win-win situation

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