Found MJ in wild, going to pick it-- NEED ANSWERS ASAP

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AshTRE, May 30, 2009.

  1. I have discovered a spot under a bridge (pretty secluded) where wild MJ has been growing. There are about 30 MJ plants growing there. I have heard people are hearing about this spot, and to be safe I plan on taking a plant or two before it gets reported.

    None of the plants have any buds yet. I'd say about 2 feet off the ground (sorry, should have taken pictures. Will upload tomorrow possibly). When I get the plant, it will continue to grow outside but in a safer place where I can cater to it.

    What the fuck do I do? What should I know?
  2. That seems very sketchy to me. Maybe the police have the spot bugged and are surveying the area to see if anyone is going to make a move. If you really believe that to be the case, I would play it safe and stay away. If not, I'd still think twice. I mean, if you found out about it from someone else, I doubt they've just told you lol Many might already know. It's really up to you. Also, how do you know it's wild? For all you know, it someones grow..I'd be pretty angry if some of my plants were missing..Just something to think about lol..If you DO decide to take plants, I'd suggest doing it at night, with a mask of some sort, and duct tape on your shoes so no foot prints will be left. Good luck with your choice.
  3. If you do decide to go you should go in the night where you can't be seen. If you can't go in the night go really early in the morning preferable at/before sunrise and dress up like a hiker and scope the area before snatching it.
  4. don't steal
  5. I'm not decided on if I am going to proceed in taking a plant, but say I were, how would I get it out of the ground? Would pulling it out be too much stress on the plant?
  6. Could be someones crop bro.
  7. get like 10 cups of soil/perelite, and some rooting hormones.

    cut 10 clones from the plants, dip the stems in the rooting hormone, then plant in the small cups.

    its better than steeling a whole plant from someone (assuming its not actually growing wild)
  8. Is it on public property? If so, it's not stealing :cool:
  9. Bad Karma to rip another grower´s crop.
  10. To me this seems like a pretty reasonable compromise. If it were your crop, you'd be pretty bummed if someone ripped your grow and then you aren't carting around 2-3 foot plants either. Great suggestion, I would say.
  11. ftw!!

  12. In my country people get killed for doing that, just becareful.
  13. Dude - If they belong to someone else don't rip them off and if they are wild ditch weed don't waste your time.

    peace. :rolleyes:
  14. Dude it these sound like ditchweed, which have a very low THC content, and more headache content. If you do decide to take something, take only clones, at night. Anything else is reckless and could be just outright mean if it's someone's crop.
  15. Well I would say with that many plants in one spot its defintaly someones grow.

    If it is someones crop I think it would be okay to clone a few plants just cause of where it it. Its that fools fault for planting it on public land under a freaking bridge and will probally get ripped by leo or someone else. Better to come back and have parts of your plants missing then 3 or 4 of your plants lol.

    On the other hand it could just be some ruderalis, wouldn't want any of that lol.
  16. If you didn't plant it you should not take it or even talk about it to others that might mess with it. Just forget about it and learn to grow your own, read the forum.
    Steel one plant will give you smoke for the short term, learning to grow lasts you for life.:smoke:

  17. Totally AGree
  18. Go down there with a picnic lunch packed in trash bags, walk away from the scene with just your trash in the bags. If you get stopped, you know its a sting operation. If not, go back and kill any males, then harvest during budding season!
  19. sounds like its someone else's grow. almost fer sure it is.

    dont steal. maybe take a clone. but dont hurt their plants.

    yea they are dumb for planting it there and shit, but dont fuck them over. be nice to a fellow marijuana user, and grow your own.

  20. so what did u do ashtre?

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