Found mites today.. What are they?

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  1. So I did a little research on spider mites.. only to find they dont really look like the bugs I got. There are no "spider webs" being formed or anything. But all of my plants look like they got sprinkled with silver glitter.. and underneath the leaves are very tiny black bugs.. probably 1/2 the size of a flea, maybe smaller.. Are these just a certain type of spider mite?
  2. Maybe this:

    5. Thrips:[​IMG]Adult thrips are small, elongated insects with typical fringed wings. They measure about 1mm, and have a greyish or yellow to brown color. The female thrips deposits eggs in the leaf tissue. The eggs hatch within a few days into very mobile larvae which immediately begin to feed, Thrips damage the crop by withdrawing the plant cell fluids. Empty cells are filled with air, causing a silvery appearance, on which dark spots (the excrements) are visible. Damage through discoloration or deformation can occur. Moreover, thrips are important vectors of several viruses. Thrips populations can develop very rapidly. Natural predator :Predatory bug

    PEST CONTROL & Plant Diseases For Marijuana Cannabis Plants
  3. Kill them !!!!!
    You can use a home made pesticide as to not hurt/kill the plants
    I hate bugs :D
  4. i have just found them thirps how do i get rid of them??
  5. Theres several ways you can treat your plants, you can do a foilier spray with like a Neem Oil mix or something like Azamax. Are your plants in veg cycle or flowering?
  6. Im a poor man so i just use things i make i find some mouthwash and water ( 1 part mouthwash, 2 parts water to a half gallon) works the best on a budget
  7. Here is a small article I wrote on prevention, Neem oil works well and the concentrate can be picked up or bought online for cheap. Just be cautious using it.

    Preventing spider mites and powdery mildew


    Spider mites up close (fourth article down)

    I'm subbed, so feel free to ask or message me with questions.
    Also pictures of the problem would help diagnose.
  8. Careful application of neem oil and hot shot no pest strips..................ftw
    peace B
  9. i dont got pictures there just starting to fly everywere its annoying and im day 34 flower
  10. a nicotine wash will work:hello:
  11. I had spider mites about a month left from finishing up flowering so I needed to get rid of them fast so I used Azamax and did a soil drench, watering with it, you can also do a folier spray with it. According to the instructions it can be used right upto the day of harverst. If you do buy Azamax buy the concetrate you get more for your money. If doing a soil drench the smallest bottle will do about 6-7 plants when mixed at .8% on the instructions, thats the strongest soil drench mix ratio in the instructions.
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    I was infested with thrips on day 30 of flowering (thrips is a fly that looks like a flea). They are kinda like lice and make small black spots on the leaves. They don't get in the bud like mites, but I hate them as much. Glad for this forum, I got great advice from the Sick Plants and Problems forum. Used a 3oz fogger (Doktor Doom). It wont effect the weed. Do it again next week as well.





    They are very small. You can tell you have them because your leaves get a film on them and your mylar gets sap spots all over. Won't kill your plant but does not help at all. The fogger did not harm the plants or clones. It did kill the branch that was directly in the fogger spray. So if you can place it on one side of the room it will work best.

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