Found half a pack of Js

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    Good evening everyone,

    I was visiting a friend this evening and on my walk home I decided to cut through a local park. About half way through the park I decided to stop at the water fountain. When I went to take a drink, I knelt over and saw an open pack of Marlboro menthol 100s and there were about 13 cigs left in it. I picked it up and tucked it into my sweatshirt pocket and continued my walk home, even though I do not smoke cigarettes. I didn't think anything more about it. I got home and tossed my sweatshirt on my sofa and changed to into my exercise clothes and went on a run. After I got home and took a shower, I decided to take a trip to the gas station and grabbed my sweatshirt to go. When I dug for my keys, I found the pack of cigs from the park earlier. I popped the top on them and suddenly a strong whiff of herb filled the air. I sat down on my sofa and dumped all the cigs on the coffee table and picked one up. The top was hand twisted shut and I opened it up and it was filled to the brim with herb. I checked out the rest and lo and behold the remaining dozen were just the same.

    Now, I am a firm subscriber to the notion that what goes around, comes around; so my concern is should I return the pack to the same place in the park where I found it, or just keep it and share it with my friends?

    What would you do GC?

    TL;DR - found a pack of cigs in the park; they were all Js. Should I return or keep?
  2. It's yours. We know you mean well, but it's not a lost puppy or jewelry. Nobody runs an ad with the tittle "missing cigarette pack or half filled booze bottle". It's yours.
  3. dude sharing is caring...and while i am a believer in karmic synergy this seems like a clear and cut option. you found them and there is no way to ensure they get back to the rightful owner so you are under no obligation. i say share as this aligns with your mores...there may be a time when you are out and your good deed will hopefully come back via a friend remembering your sharing ways and reciprocating.
  4. Damn man, that's awesome. Definitely keep it! They could get ruined/picked up by a little kid if you put them back.
  5. If you put it back where you found it somebody like me will come along and pick it up. I would find a nice spot in that park and blaze up.
  6. I feel like I was tempted into keeping them from the start so that is why I felt guilty. Guilt and lust is a good way to corrupt things and I didn't want to spoil such a good thing.

    Thanks for your input blades

  7. I would keep them.
  8. Let us know what you decide to do. But like I said it's not a lot dog, bicycle nor keys. Nobody posts flyers for a half cup of coffee. It's yours. Guilt free.
  9. I will most likely keep them; I have been texting a friend about them and he's going to come over and I'm going to share a few with him.

    Thanks blades :)
  10. Crack one open to make sure its not poison weed.

    Then smoke the other 12
  11. Good thinking
  12. Make your friend smoke it first to make sure it hasn't been poisoned.
  13. Thanks to OP I will now be visiting parks more often
  14. Yea, you never know...
  15. I live by the rule finders keepers losers weepers, yeah I know I'm a bad ass.
  16. smoke them muthafuckas
  17. I believe that it isn't going to be karma coming around to bite you in the ass in the future because you took a pack of js, but more karma rewarding you for something previously you did
  18. Smoking it is the responsible thing to do :smoking:
  19. hand them over to the police! right now young man

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