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Found great music playlist if interested..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stinkystink, May 8, 2011.

  1. Im not sure if anyone else likes to listen to a more of an alternative type of music when stoned...such as bro step, slight techno, just stuff you usually have to look around for a little but to find on sites such as youtube and Pandora.

    Maybe its just me but Wiz Khalifa isnt really the ideal music for me when I am chopped, however i do listen to him...anyway I love listening to this kind of music and this guys has many songs that really make me zone out and just chill...

    YouTube - Kanaal van deborawittkopp60

    look in the uploads section, every song is a different type of alternative...Tokyo to LA Steeze is my favorite one..

    :smoke: just ramblin whilst blazed, hope yall approve haha
  2. Wait, is there really a genre of music called "bro step"? I've officially lost my faith in humanity.
  3. well its not really a "genre" but its what (ive heard) different types of dubstep called.
  4. basically it's shitty dubstep for people with little taste in music

  5. lmfao.

    They couldn't have come up with a better name than "Bro step"?
  6. I didn't know bros were also ravefags.
  7. my bad for even puttin this shit on here didnt know you all would hate on the name of a fuckn genre type.. my fault.
  8. Brostep is a relatively new sub-genre of music (born out of Dubstep micro-genre) which has no emphasis on soul.

    The goal appears to be to produce music as fast as you possibly can, without placing any emphasis on quality.

    Unlike Dubstep where sub bass is key, Brostep places more emphasis on ratty high frequency samples and oscillators that arent even low frequency.

    Sounds like shit to me. Who wants to hear high frequency noises when your baked? That's what the sub woofers for.
  9. I only listen to music that has a good vibe or lesson behind it and always sounds chill. I'd check out anything on the track, Distant Relatives, by Nas and Damian Marley or a select few songs from Kottonmouth Kings.

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