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found glass shard in resin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Beef4104, Nov 14, 2011.

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    My pipe was getting awful filthy so it was time for a cleaning, blah, blah, blah you know how that goes. Anyway I found a small glass shard in my pipe and obviously that concerned me enough to go online and consult all you other stoners out there :devious:

    But yeah should this be something I worried about? The shard was pretty small so I think it could just be a small defect in the pipe that broke during the cleaning process. It was too big to inhale or anything like that and I only found one piece, although after I noticed it I didn't finish cleaning it.

    I've included a picture of the pipe and the shard so you guys can assist in the decision on whether to keep using this piece after this or whether I should switch to one of my less favorite glass pipes. It's my first spoon that I got quite a while back so I don't really want to scrap it if you know what I mean.

    I'm not a new smoker by any means, but I'm sure there are some people here with more knowledge on what to think about this.

    Thanks in advance d00ds

    EDIT: If I posted this the wrong section would a moderator please move it? I'm new to the website and might've made a mistake.

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    You should really be cleaning with Isopropyl/rubbing alcohol and salt, rather than scraping... the alcohol acts as a solvent to break apart and dissolve the waste, and the salt is simply an abrasive aid.

    If you really feel compelled to scrape the resin for smoking purposes, then a better option is still to use Iso, just without the salt.

    You can soak it in warm Iso without any salt, completely submerged in an oven safe dish that is loosely covered (vented slightly) with foil, inside your electric oven on its lowest setting (usually 170 f )... don't worry, this is much too low a temperature to shatter your glass which gets hotter during smoking, or to auto-ignite the alcohol... rubbing alcohol does not even boil until it reaches 180 f, and its autoignition temperature is a whopping 750 f.
    In about 20 minutes, once the pipe is relatively waste-free and you have not lost much alcohol to evaporation, you can turn off the heat and allow it to cool. Once it is still warm, but cool enough to touch, trap some iso inside the pipe and (covering the holes with your fingers) shake it a bit. You may now set it aside to either give it a quick rinse in pure Iso which can be added to your now-black first bath, or you can give it a better scrub using Iso and salt, and discard that waste.

    Using the oven to clean pipes is MUCH safer than the stove-top boiling methods some younger folks seem to practice; in the oven, your pipe does not come into direct contact with the heat source from below, and you can better control the overall temperature that the water (or alcohol) reaches. Without actually boiling the pipe there is less knocking around and as a result, there is less potential for shattering, as well.

    You can now take the salt-free, black and gunky alcohol you have, and (leaving it in the oven-safe container, uncovered this time) you may return it to the oven, to evaporate. The temp should still be at your ovens lowest setting.
    When it has finished evaporating, you'll have collected all the 'resin' from inside your pipe. I do not recommend smoking pipe residue, to each their own though... and for those who partake, this is a good way to do so without scraping and damaging your glass. :)

    Medically speaking, for your health, you really should clean this piece carefully and properly as I described above, so that you may examine it for flaws and further cracking.... just to see if it should be retired, for a new piece.
    If you do not feel any pain now, or any sharpness of breath, or discomfort taking deep breaths, then you probably haven't inadvertently inhaled any glass, yet, but that's not to say that you won't inhale some eventually if you continue using a pipe that you suspect may be broken.

    Hope this helps! :wave:
  3. I wouldn't worry about the very small shard of glass OP as long as it does not happen again you should be ok and if give it a real nice cleaning as mentioned in the above post. i sent you a pm of a nice site that has top quality hand blown glass and they are within the usa ships from Oregon if your interested in getting another piece.
  4. I would be freaking out and probably investing the 10-20$ on a new bowl. Once glass cracks it usually causes a weak area near where the piece broke off. If nothing else just sell/trade that one and get a new one :)
  5. Yeah I found glass before in my resin, but that's because some other stupid fuck was using too big of a tool to clean out my pipe before I had it and chipped a part. Nah, it shouldn't hurt you. Don't take the risk, though because it totally can though. Look through your resin next time you scrape and try to find any glass pieces.

    Or if you can, buy a brand new bowl. One of made of something tough, like gorilla glass or something. The gas station ones chip after heavy usage because the glass becomes weak and just sort of peels off.

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