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found cure to droopy leaves :)

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by CrapsKing7^11, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. hey if you have droopy leaves where there hang and look sick well heres how you cure it.

    most people say its overwatered well i had one plant get droopy leaves, then all i did was give it lots of water they came right back up (but i clipped the ones that were real bad).after i cured that one the other 2 plants got droopy did the same with them and there right back up:)
  2. Don't think this is exactly the correct solution to every different individual.
  3. Underwatering and overwatering can look very much the same but the solutions are very different...
  4. Are there other reasons leaves become droopy because my buddies grow and there 4-6 week old plants had some wilting leaves with a couple strains running a 400watthps opened hood shitty reflector so I thought it was due to a temperature fluctuation being at the highest 85...they may have overwatered or underwatered:eek:Who knows but it would be nice if they could figure it out ....plans are an air cooled reflector and more care and details to the watering regiment..

    Does anyone know other than weight and putting fingers 1 1/2 - 2" down? Any device that helps or tips on watering?

    Sorry if this Is in the wrong section I'm on my phone:smoking:
  5. i think this should help you out :wave: Marijuana Watering Tips, How to Water Marijuana - Concept420 - Marijuana Entertainment and Information
  6. overwatering.....underwatering....high heat..at night the leaves droop....alot of problems are drainage...top soil dries out but old water sits in bottom of plants fuckin' up the roots..leaves droop....you water cause top is dry...top roots get water...plant perks up for a bit...then it droops...check drainage...my deuce:smoking:
  7. this has got to be the worst advice i have read on this forum...nice try!:hello:

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