Found Caterpillar looking bug on plant today

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  1. Hey guys,
    So I am completely new to growing and I am currently growing 6 plants indoors. 5 of the 6 look extremely healthy and don't seem to have any problems at the moment. However one plant has seemed to be growing at half the pace of the others (about 1 foot tall for the past week or week and a half) while the other are a bit over 2 foot. The plant also seems to be extremely bushy compared to the others with smaller leaves.

    As I was looking at the leaves today I found one leaf was half eaten at the bottom and upon looking at the very top leaf I found what looks like some type of caterpillar or worm cocooned.
    20170823_174324.jpg 20170823_174406.jpg
    Worried I looked at all the other plants and they all seemed to be good except for this other different looking bug on a different healthy plant.
    20170823_174957.jpg 20170823_175001.jpg

    Please let me know if there is any other action I should take to make sure these things don't come back and harm my other healthy plants! Thanks in advance!
  2. Kill it..hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like a slug..Death before it eats on your plants..
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  3. Yea I killed his ass as soon as I saw it. Just worried that it might have laid eggs or something but I will continue to check the plants daily to make sure there are no others attacking my girls.
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  4. Is it possible the shorter plant is a different strain than the taller ones?
    If so, that's perfectly normal. An indica will be shorter, get bushier and have wider leaves, while a sativa will grow taller and have narrower, thinner leaves.
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  5. No I have two plants that are the same strain and the other is twice its size and they have been grown under the same conditions since day one. Wondering if this bug has been on the plant this whole time and stunted its growth maybe?
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    Oh no.....

    Man, I hate all these pillocks screaming kill it without knowing anything.

    It's a caterpillar forming a pupae, now it's likely going to perish before it reaches it's moth stage.

    Sad. I forgot what the other bug is but it's not a threat. All the real insect threats are much smaller.
  7. So it is unlikely that it laid eggs or anything? Seemed to be the only one and I'm growing indoors. The other bug was the only one I found and it seemed harmless.
  8. Of course not. Caterpillars can't lay eggs, only the butterfly/moth can.

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