Found Bag of Pills Hidden in An Apartment

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  1. I work reconditioning apartments after people move out.

    Today I found a little baggie hidden underneath the sink containing 10 pills.

    They're small, round, white, non coated, and have no markings whatsoever on them. One side has a line going through it.

    Can't identify them, anyone able to help me out.
  2. Sounds like a time for photos.
  3. hmmm my T3's looked just like that...

    idk though
  4. Hmmm..Test it out:)

    Thats actually terrible advice, but there is a possibility it could be a type of roll, although it may be too large to be one.

    The only way to see if they are good it to try it though, with no markings its hard to descifer what pill it is.
  5. Yeah, I'm a little nervous about testing it.

    I feel like it's obviously something that was for recreational use though, being in a baggie and hidden.

    I don't feel like having to be taken to the hospital though if it's something I shouldn't be taking.

  6. It looks bigger in the picture, it's actually a little smaller than a perc 512.

    That's what I thought they were when I originally found the bag, until I saw they were unmarked and smaller.
  7. nice find, but id get rid of em
  8. Yeah looks like Tylenol to me but who keeps Tylenol in a baggie under the sink lol.
  9. Probably the people living there's 15 teen year old son.:laughing:

    But I dunno OP, I'd hate to tell you to discard it because it could be something.:confused_2:
  10. Well, nobody has ever gotten anywhere in life without taking a risk of two.

    I'll let you know if they were anything in about an hour or so I guess, unless I die.
  11. Eh, I doubt it'll kill you or even make you sick for that matter, unless that's what they were manufactured for.:eek: lol
  12. Lol id be feeling seriously uneasy about taking unidentified pills from under the sink haha. Shoulda done more research on it before you took em...but let us know what happends lol
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    Edit: Oops, double posted. Look below.
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  15. Good luck! post back shortly so we know everything is good.
  16. hope they werent roach tablets stored there, and the box got lost and all that was left was the baggie! 2 of them could do ya in!

  17. That would suck. 40 minutes and I'm not feeling anything yet.

    I'll give it two hours max since I don't know what they could be, I'll toss the rest if I'm not feeling anything by then though.
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    Why not take just one to a pharmacy, say that you found one while working, and that your curiosity got the best of you? Tell them you found just that one, just incase it's a controlled substance or something.

  19. They are obviously there to be consumed, and someone was going to consume them soon or later. They can't be that harmful unless the person actually wanted to commit suicide

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