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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 26, 2006.

  1. well, after narrowly avoiding a piss test that could have ended my freedom and getting an extra month of probation because i havent paid any court costs i did what i didnt really wanna do and went to service master and got a job being a janitor part time, cuz fuck cleanin shit fulltime (plus it pays 3 bucks more than my old job). so as of now my goals for the future are as follow

    1. pay off court costs
    2. sell drugs to make even more money
    3.get 1000 dollars together 600cc sports bike (n ride it with no insurance)
    5.purchase vehicle i drive now off my father
    6.get a small trailer and setup a meth lab with stink proofing technology

    oh yea, n i need to learn how to do a wheelie on the bike with my feet over the handlebars, cuz i'm ill like that haha
  2. you gonna push meth? cool.

    i just gotta job today too. my first actual "employment". im excited.

    good luck with the lab. dont get faceless.
  3. Man homie, You a crazy boy from the burbs, I like that haha.

    But on the fer real. I dont mean to preach man, I jus worry because of the shit you do. Your a live on the edge do for the moment kinda dude which can be fine no shit, But i see what you do it and it reminds me of a close homie of mine. Which is dead now. He died at 24. Left behind 2 kids and a wife. Shit sucks. I dont want to see that happen ya heard.

    Take care bro, Peace.

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