Found about 8 plants. Need help!!

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  1. How do I tell if these are hemp or marijuana? Sorry if this is a stupid question just need to know the difference. Thanks
  2. hemp is a product made from a left overs of the plant marijuana is the buds that the female produces which we smoke.males produce pollen sacs which are pointless
  3. you shouldn't mess with someone else's grow.
  4. Yep, totally pointless. All they do is pollinate female plants to create more WEED..........:rolleyes:
  5. Sorry I didn't know and I didn't mess with them they were by the picnic table like someone just threw the seeds
  6. actually marijuana is just like an other wild flower.the male has the polled sacks once that opens up pollen flys through the air and impregnates the female no one likes seeds in there weed when they grow cause when seeds grow in your weed it takes awaya great deal of THC growth
  7. Well you are in Illinois so it could be hemp.
  8. So hemp and mj are two different plants?
  9. no hemp is the left overs of the plant after they harvested the marijuana off it.they take the stems and stalk to make hemp string and hemp clothes and other if you think about it people that grow it and then make hemp products out of it dosnt waste one part of the plant besides maybe the leafs i dont think you can make anything outta the leafs
  10. Thank you vermouth that makes so much sense.

  11. According to what you said earlier, not all Cannabis plants have Marijuana on them, if the term Marijuana refers to the buds that we pick off and smoke. You have contradicted yourself, sir. :p

    There are different varieties and subspecies of Cannabis. The ones generally referred to as Marijuana, are varieties which contain active THC and other cannabinoids in significant amounts. these varieties also have a lesser quality fiber as opposed to Industrial varieties. Generally people refer to the industrial varieties as Hemp, which has little to no active alkaloid content, but very strong, durable fibers used for paper, clothing and rope.

    OP, if it's growing beside a picnic table, it's probably nothing good. Growers don't plant places where people could just snatch up their weed. It's likely a plant similar to the ones in these pictures from Rollitup, which you would have found with just a simple google search.

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