Found a white tulip pressed pill

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thedon420, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. On a trip to California I found a pill on the street in Beverly Hills with the same tulip imprint on both sides, the dimentions are 1cm diameter, 3mm wide, perfect circle, it's pure white, and I've licked it to ruleout if it's just a mint, it tastes minty at first with vomit like after taste, and very hard. I'm not going to dose unless I have some idea what's in it.
    I looked on, erowid, and a couple of other sites and according to that it's either MDMA, or DXM, so it's looking good so far
    Has anyone had any experience with a pill like this, or know for sure what's in it?
  2. if its x you're so fucking lucky.
  3. I really wouldn't take a pill I found on the street. But hey, that's just me...
  4. Lucky fuck...I Want to roll so bad
  5. Hah

    You literally got drugs from the street

  6. understandable, But I've wanted to try X for a year and a half, and can't find a connect in pittsburgh, and what do I have to lose by hanging on to a pill that could be X, and I've read good things about white tulips
  7. I would eat it. The reward is worth the risk for me.
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  9. regardless of what's in it I'd probably eat it (unless it's some crazy meth-PCP-oxy-BZ combo), I just want to know what to expect.

  10. that wasn't it, the print is a small tulip on a stem with round leaves on both sides, and the pill is smooth

  11. If i was you i'd eat that mofo. I doubt its anything THAT bad...probly just some thizz.:cool:
  12. Its cyanide. Eat it
  13. at this point, I'm fairly confident that the pill's legit, if anyone can find an ecstacy data page on it post it up, but now the focus of this thread turns to the setting I'll take it in, I'm thinking before a party, I never get any word when raves are going down so that's probably out
  14. if you just eat it and chill at the house you'll have a good time

    If your rollin when other people who arent rollin it's weird (but a fun time)

    it's like no body else "gets It"

    It's hard to explain

    You can do absolutley anything and you'll have a decent day when your thizzen
  15. crush up a small piece and snort it. if its MDMA you'll know right away by the almost instant burn, and the drip
  16. same here. i would like to roll right now.
  17. i just thought of something. i would laugh my ass off if you got all hyped up and it wasnt even x. not saying its not of course theres plenty of evidence suggesting it is, but who knows lol.
  18. Wait, did you just find the pill lose on the ground? or in a bag of some sort?

    But yeah, or you can sell it to some chump as e and then go buy real e? and if your having trouble finding some google "Dance club (your area here)"

    Whatever happens though, good luck :p
  19. you know you can do a little test to detect for mda an other things in extacy.i dont mean by takeing it.:D
  20. take it?

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