Found a seed in some purple haze(pic)

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    Ok, so heres the deal, Ive never grown a plant in my life but last night i found ONE seed inside a gram of some purple haze(how rare is it to find a seed in haze) And I just now made a username just so i can start this thread. Anyways i was wondering if i should treat this seed different from any other type of grow?
    And just in case its important, if i grow it would have to be indoors, i live in a small apartment...

    Any and all information will be appreciated...
    Heres a picture i took of the bud with my cell phone
  2. First off, it's not really purple haze. I'm sure it's dank and everything, but not purple haze.
    Treat the seed like any other.
  3. What other kinds of haze, dro, or kush has purple leaves?
    Not being sarcastic, just asking...
  4. Tons.
  5. ok... so just treat it like any other plant? i dont have to do anything special because of the type of seed?

    also i was just wondering cause ive never seen a seed from dro haze or kush but this seed is pretty small compared to other seeds ive seen in mids... its about half the size, is that normal?
  6. Seeds can be all different sizes, even from the same plant.

  7. dro isn't a strain, its a abbreviation of hydroponics, a style of growing with water. I would suggest you do some research before you germinate the seeds and end up killing it. Should be a pretty dank strain, so it doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it produces nice nugs right.

    wish you the best on your first grow.
  8. I haven´t found that - all mature seeds I find to be the same size.

  9. thanks...repped...

    i just started germinating today hope it works... :rolleyes: ( im using the steps on the germinating sticky thread)

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