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Found a seed in some dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TaylorGangThat, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. #1 TaylorGangThat, Sep 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2010
    I picked up a zip of this no name dank for 350 its pretty good, nice head high but i found like 4 seeds 3 are white and ones black can any of them be grown??

    heres the bud i found the seeds in. the camera on myy phone is shit but its really pretty frosty
  2. just try to germinate them no need to ask a question like this

  3. Or wait until you know how to grow before wasting a good exotics seed.

    Save them until your 100% ready to grow.
  4. i was planning on studyin some of the stuff in the growing forums here if it will work
  5. This exactly. Save the seed until you are 100% positive you can transform a seed (any seed) into marijuana. Then grow it. Dont try growing it if you dont know how to grow, thats a waste of decent genetics.
  6. does it matter what color the seed is?

  7. Light colored seeds are immature.

    The dark ones are the ones we want.
  8. Germinate them and just see if you can, what do you have to lose, eh?

  9. How about a seed with good genetics...
  10. Seems to be two schools of thought on what you should do here...
    I myself, would advise to just try growing it/them if you're in a situation where that's a viable option. If it's a seed from a stressed female, apparently it's got a good likelihood to be female itself.
    Germination is a simple process, for the rest I'd say best to learn as you go...I'm not like every single person out there, but personally I find learning by doing a more efficient method. If you fuck it up or something goes wrong, look into some info.
    Seed viability is also an issue, they don't have unlimited shelf life, and who knows how long it's taken to get to you in the first place eh?
    Just IMO, but the best seeds to try and fail with, are "free" seeds, which essentially, these are if you ask me - good genetics? There's seed banks for that, you know 100% what you're getting and how to best make use of it.
    As I said it's just my personal take but I'd give it a go, at very worst you get a learning experience.
  11. white ones are immature, dark ones are good. Since you only have 1 mature seed the odds of you even being able to grow a female is 50/50.
    So you have a 1 shot 50% chance to grow some good bud...if you know what your doing
  12. will there be any smell if i grow just the one and it turns out to be a female?? i live in an apartment building but i have my own walk in closet:smoke:
  13. depends once again on the strain. i grew a silver haze and it smelled like lemons, when someone walked into my house they would always ask why it smells like lemons. but it could be a skunk family and smell your entire building up :smoke:

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