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Found a seed in some dank... Suggestions? (pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by michaelcola192, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Ok.. so i never thought i would be growing and here i am. One day i bought a sac off my local dealer and was getting ready to grind the dank. I found a seed and thought it would be fun to see how big the plant got so i put it in a cotton ball and waited until the white root thing popped out. I then got some rose soil and popped it in there, then set it out in the sun not thinking anything would happen. To my surprise 2 weeks later a plant was popped out of the soil. I have no clue what i am doing, I live in San Diego and the weather is beautiful and sunny so the plant looks like it is doing alright. Please tell me what you think and if you see anything wrong with the plant. The pictures suck so bare with me, they are cell phone pics. I need a real camera.

  2. it looks fine. it will grow if you take care of it. it will die if you don't. all the info needed to take care of it properly is on here.

    good luck.
  3. thanks man, i thought you had to have a green thumb to grow hah.
  4. Like they say, Cannabis has been growing for a very long time without our help, give it earth, sun and water, it knows what else to do. Now of course, there are ways we can help it get strong and healthy but for the most part they can grow just fine on their own.

    Good luck with your little plant there, more care = more buds.
  5. fosho thanks for the positive reinforcement
  6. hahah dudes thatss so badass... ya just chose to listen to your biology and plant the seed just because you knew the seed would do something you hadn't seen before. lol and now that the plant is growing you actually acknowledge what it will give you and you want to take care of it.

    congrats! your a father

    lets just hope its a SHEEEEEe

  7. Who's Fosho?
  8. For sure.
  9. sweet looking plant homes....
  10. thanks brothalynch
  11. completely missed the joke.
  12. Okay this is about 3 weeks into the grow and jerry is browning on the first spiky leaves whats going on? I would guess too much water is this the case?

  14. You're really sensitive about getting some negative rep. You think all rep is positive? Think again.

    At least you can spell. Easy on the shouting, though. I've enrolled you in sarcasm 101, don't forget your textbooks.

    P.s. What the fuck? is a parenthetical phrase and requires at least a comma to set it apart from the rest of your comment.
  15. While I will agree he completely missed the sarcasm, I don't think negative rep was really necessary.
  16. Maybe he'll come back and post what I repped.
  17. This thread turned out to be quite funny!!:hello:
  18. so... my plant is dying and all you guys can do is bicker? what is this thread coming to???:confused_2:
  19. sorry dude, Back to the point it looks like it could be nute burn have you been giving any ferts or are there any allready in the soil. Im just a newbie so dont take any thing i say as fact
  20. Your plants will be fine, especially when you put them in bigger pots.

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