found a seed in my weed, can i grow it for fun?

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  1. 1 seed in 1 oz not bad so not complaining, the weed itself is bubba kush and really potent. can i grow this seed for fun and hope its female? Lol

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  2. Of course!!!! Do you any plants going right now?
  3. no im a beginner, even if its male plant i can make oil out of the leaves.
  4. Yeah...if you wanna spend the time to do that
  5. i love weed i would do it lol
  6. Hell yeah u can grow it man,,what size space and nutes..lights u working with?

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  7. Not really.... unless ur talking about RSO which doesn’t get you high.

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  8. Growing weed really frees up the budget to get more stuff to grow weed lol.

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  9. [​IMG]
    First ever bag seed under a cheap little 45w light on amazon. If ur doing it for fun go with this method. If you wanna get “serious” buy a tent with a carbon filter and inline duct fan. Should only cost about the price of the Oz you bought for everything not including a nice light but like I said you can use a cheap 45w one and get some decent results. Or use a Quantum board and get badass results.
  10. I'm telling.
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  11. I also wanna try :love-mj2:

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