Found a sac... best night ever

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    So yesterday I picked up a 20 sac, I've been smoking it throughout the day yesterday and today. At lunch I packed a fat bowl, and left myself about a 0.2 left to smoke for tonight. I have a pretty high tolerance, so when I saw those nugs about 30 mins ago I was kind of upset. It wasn't enough to get high, and I don't have any money to buy more bud.

    I went inside this book I keep my coins in and where I usually hide my weed. I started looking through the coins, and low and behold there's an old sac I must have hid beneath the coins... about a 0.5 left, pretty squished because of the coins, but bud none the less. Thing is I'm very good with my weed, I never lose weed... so this was a beautiful surprise.

    I am so happy now and I am excited to hit the bong tonight, going to get my last high for a while and it's going to be a good one... then t break.

    Finding that sac just made my night. :smoke: thanks for reading blades
  2. Damn you mustve jacked Lucky for his pot of gold for your sack to be smashed by coins.
  3. Far out, man! To get that lucky!!:)
  4. Rock On!:yay::bongin::metal::hippie:

    Happy for your good fortune!
  5. Holy shit I just forgot what I just read
  6. haha i went out and bought a 25 sack yesterday and got 2 grams =D i felt like i won the lottery so i went and smoked a few of my frriends up.then
  7. I get highN hide suprizes like money and weed. Such a good feeling when you find it

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