Found a roach in the woods...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wizzard, May 11, 2011.

  1. I was walking in the woods and came to the edge of this sand cliff thing, and lo and behold i look down and find myself staring at a small roach from a joint just chillin there. I opened the thing up, the weed was a little brownish in color (its rained a few times in the past 2 weeks) but i could tell it was heads cause it still had triochomes on it. the triochomes were still there because the water does little to no thc disolving since it is oil not water soluble. so the funny thing is i'm dry right now and took it home, tossed it in the bong, and i'm pretty fucking high right now :)
  2. A fellow 603'er, I prolly left it there. :p
  3. That's pretty fucking disgusting
  4. hahah i saw a roach in the parking lot of disney world once, it was actually like half a joint, which the man dressed up as mickey mouse or some shit probably left.

    i didnt pick it up though lol
  5. gotta love them triochomes
  6. Leave an alligator clip there as a "thank you"! lol You eventually might end up with a new toking buddy!

  7. ohh, a mystery smoke buddy who is smoking with you, just a day or maybe an hour or so before hand. trippy.
  8. You sir give new meaning to the word skid
  9. i rolled a joint in central park in ny. Smoked like half of it. didn't wanna bring it with me, so i just left it on the bench. Hope someone found it and enjoyed it. It'd suck if it got blown away by wind or something.

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