Found a plant that needs some saving!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by greenthumbum, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Hey. I came across a outdoor plant yesterday that a friend of mine left behind. Not only was the soil dry as hell but the plant itself wasn't in such good shape. I have no backround on the seed or strain or age. its about 2 feet tall. some yellow leaves some curled up some curled down. Some small holes in some leaves. Ive looked up causes but because i have no historyi dont no what its from or what to do with the leaves. i planned on bringing the plant indoors(live in the north east usa) and purchasing a beginners grow package ( ). I planned to transport into new bigger pot and new soil. Please all suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.
    plant 1.JPG

    plant 2.JPG
  2. That plant is in pretty bad shape and is going to need months of nursing to get it into decent enough shape to get nice buds. I would recommend that you just buy some seeds online and start from scratch. The starter kit you selected is a really nice kit, and you wouldn't want to waste all those materials and time on some struggling unknown strain plant. For under $50 you can order a very nice strain from and grow some bomb chronic like that system is meant to do.
  3. looks to be neglected, mostly lack of water & nutes.

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