found a plant growing in the woods

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  1. About five or six days ago i saw a plant growing not far from my home while i was riding a bike! Today i took some pictures of it just to post them here and you could rate it and help me guess- HOW the hell did that plant got there?

    I inspected it closely- on the calyx there is a lot of trichomes (can't really see them on pics) and there isn't a single seed on a whole plant! I chopped off a little nug, dried it for a 72 hours, weighted it and hit it. It was 0.05 grams and it got me high as fuck for about an hour! :hello:

    Under a microscope trichs look 70% white 30% clear so i am going to wait a week or two (maybe more?) before harvesting it. Stigmas, by the way, are pink/red

  2. woops! How to make pictures smaller?? Im am newbie in this forum so i don't really know :(

    And by the way ignore my english, it is not my born language :)
  3. That was just growing in the middle of nowhere? SHIT! ...see if you can find more! Nice loooooong cola!
  4. ...and that's a huge fuking spider on the 1st shot! WOW.
  5. Don't take someones plant
  6. haha, didn't notice that spider earlyer :D

    Yes, i found one more plant about 2 kilometers away BUT it has a seed in EVERY single calyx (there was a male plant next to it :( ). I haven't ever smoked weed with seeds. Can i do that or i have to take them out? I have already harvested it because it had a 50/50 white and amber trichs

  7. welp there goes someone's grow :(
  8. if im not mistaken it is a strain called stinky pinky. google search it. the pistils have a pink tint to them. beautiful! but watch out for the karma police!
  9. Party foul dude. Those plants didn't get there on accident, someone must have planted them. Bummer.
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    who would plant only one seed in one place?

    And about other one- If someone would care about them -plants- he would removed the male plant at the first signs of sex!

    Also isn't it weird, that both plant have no smell? And i am still waiting answer for question- can i smoke weed with seeds in it?

  11. to avoid detection..which obviously failed...

    maybe he purposely put a m and f next to eachother so he'd have seeds for next season..

    has no smell because you didnt dry/cure properly.
  12. Weed with seeds does need to have its seeds removed, because they tend to pop and taste bitter. Plus, if this IS a grow, you need to keep every one that you find, since it's a strain! Grow it next season, avoid the mistakes this person made, and enjoy the fruits of a lucky, though unfair, harvest.

    I don't disapprove. That's the hazard of growing in the wild, I just want you to be aware of what you did.
  13. are you really going to snatch someone elses grow? you know damn well these plants were planted by someone.
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    to RetarrrdedTexas

    The one i harvested had no smell even before i harvested it. AND how is it possible to cure and dry unproperly? :D

    I chopped it off, take it home, trimmed down the big leaves and then smaller ones. After that i hung them on the rope in a dark room at about 22 degrees per celsius. I did everything right, right?

  15. no. read the harvest/processing stickys on how to properly cure. needs to go in jars for at least a week and a half - 2 weeks, burped daily.. there's other ways, but this is probably the simplest most straight forward way...
  16. And what if it isn't someone's grow? What if someone was just smoking out in the woods, and tossed a seed out of their bag... If you grow outside, part of the risk is someone will find it. Does it look like footprints around it, or any evidence of someone tending it? If I was going to go through the trouble of a guerilla grow, I'd drop more than one or two plants. I'd drop 20 of them, in random places, and hope to get one or two in return. If someone found it, shame on me for not hiding it well enough.

    I say finders, keepers. If nothing else, scatter a few of those seeds in the area, and spread the love a bit!
  17. if you found it easily, someone else will aswell.

    let it grow out and go back all the time.

    but it still has a while for it to ripen up.
  18. There is absolutly no footprints or anything at all! There is like a LOT of weeds (not marijuana) and that's it.

    According to this thread here: I need to wait for a pistils to suck back into a plant??? :confused:

    SERIOUS QUESTION: will seeds survive the winter (down to -25 degrees celsius) if i spread them in autumn or i have to wait next april/may?
  19. HEY MAN THOSE ARE MY PLANTS jk jk nice find
  20. no they will die.

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