Found a picture just before I blacked out on my birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by JakeNBake, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Drank/Smoked too much then blacked out and fell on my floor :laughing:
  2. you look very serious man.

    funny sig though.
  3. die your hair blonde, and you'll look like a nazi.
    and that is NOT an insult.

  4. I'm like a quarter German too :hello:
  5. You look like you're on heroin, no joke.
  6. if it wasnt for the eyes being GLAZED say you were to serious for any good.
  7. Holy shit, your eyes are fucking seriously damaged looking. I am sitting here trying to have a hallucinogenic experience, and I see this and I laugh my fucking ass off.
  8. It seriously looks like impending doom.
  9. you lived to post about it. must have been a good b-day!:smoking:
  10. Your nostrils are inflated like you snorted coke, but the eyes makes me think it was probably h.

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