Found a patch of marijuana growing.

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  1. Me and my friend were walking through an alley and he noticed there was tons of weed growing, its deffinately not ditch weed though. Me and him figured that no one had planted it because we see it growing around here all the time. So me and him decided to take 3 plants. We hid them in my backyard were no one will be able to find them. I have a couple questions. Could it possibly be a ditch weed mixed with another strain? Also, how do i keep the plants pretty short so no one finds them? Thanks:bongin:
  2. Would you by any chance have a photo of them?
    Cause i had plants up an alley, and some cunt stole 3 of them. :D
  3. I could get some tomorrow, im pretty sure i didnt steal them from anyone...even if i did, theres about 100 plants scattered around, and im pretty sure i got all males, ill get a picture tomorrow, but it doesnt really look like the ditchweed ive seen around here, but could anyone answer my questions?
  4. Oh, and also John im not located in paris, im in nebraska.:D
  5. Oh, my names not john and i don't live in paris :D

  6. this thread is a little creepy.


  7. LMFAO again!!!
  8. In Nebraska, it could be hemp, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, etc... were well known for their hemp production. Once outlawed, these fields were left to grow wild and are scattered all over the midwest. There was a news report back in the 90's about local law enforcement busting these fields to get more budget money. I was also locked up with a few people that would harvest these fields and sell it off as brick. some of these fields can be pretty large, and I have often thought about throwing some good genetics in there and going back in say 4 or 5 yrs to see what happened. Never did it, but the thought was there. I forget where I seen it, but I had seen a map marking some of these larger hemp fields.

    You would know if some-one planted them, unless they just threw seeds around. most growers take great care in how they set up and place their plots for growing outdoors.

  9. I am always looking around for weed growing.
    I live at the top of a mountain (It is a housing division) and I'm either walking around up behind our house in the hills or riding the quad, and I always keep my eyes peeled for weed! I have been praying for that to happen!! :smoking::cool:
  10. This hadns down is one of the funniest fuckin' replies I have seen!:D
  11. what a bastard you are for stealing someone else's plants. haha. good find tho for sure.

  12. My thoughts exactly :laughing:
  13. You lucky lucky dog.



  14. I love it when someone else gets busted for my crimes..ohh opps did I say that outloud..bad wharfrat !:eek:
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    If your in NE then it is ditch weed regardless of where you found it, anything that gets grown outside in NE or IA gets pollinated. I know I live here :rolleyes: so it is all strains of pollinated ditch. all worthless , or as Ron Paul said " it would take a joint the size of a telephone pole to get stoned from"
  16. It is hemp. Ditch weed, what ever you call it. You are in hemp central.
  17. It is probably hemp cause I live in Iowa and that shit is probably within 100 feet of me at all times no matter where i am... haha. but It's possible you found some weed from someone tossin a seed out there window smoking there. but doubtful. I've seen hemp growing in towns here in iowa.

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