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Found a lot of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellaFlushJdm, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Everyday I walk to my Cousin's house since he lives just down the road from me. I would always pass by 4 bulky garbage bags on the side of the road. Every time i'd pass by, it smelled like bud. Anyways, on the 3rd day, I decided to kick one and see what was in there. I saw a nug pop out! I decided to go get them at night so no one would see. Later on when it was dark, me and my Cousin took them to my house. The bags weren't full of weed, but clippings, huge stems, and leaves. But there was nugs in there you just had to find them. I have already got about 4 ounces from just one bag! I was wondering if it would be safe to smoke this? I smoked about half a blunt with my Cousin but he finished the rest because I thought twice about it, you know, free weed, is there something in there? Why would they just leave that on the side of the road? So someone can find it? Or they just wanted to get rid of it? I want to sell it and hook people up but I don't want them to get sick or something. What do you guys think, safe to smoke or no? I also found random stuff in there like twigs, other plants like wheat, some plastic thing that said hydro farm, a swisher wrapper, and like tree leaves. I also found the brown string from corn in there which leads me to think that it was grown in a cornfield or something. What do you guys think?

  2. It sounds like you found a hell of a find, I'd smoke it. And that person who left it out there is asking for handcuffs hah.
  3. Yeah! It sounds too good to be true so I was a little skeptical about smoking it. My Cousin is still smoking it and he says it's fine. I've heard of people putting like rat poison in it or something?
  4. Sounds like some shit from the movie High Road.

    I'd smoke the fuck outa it. Obviously put there by a grower so I doubt it is fucked with.

  5. Depends on its looks , got pics ? 
    If its weed then you , person , are a very lucky person :metal: 

    make sure no one finds it  :smoking:
  6. When in doubt, smoke
  7. Probably leftover clippings from trim job. If the nugs look junky that's probably it.
  8. If you've herd that shit you've gotta be in Europe right ? (likely London ?)
  9. For what reason would someone throw a bag full of trimmings away, and cover in rat poison? It makes absolutely no sense. It's like when people worry about laced weed. Unless the weed is just funky looking, it's probably just weed. There are no psychedelics you could or would want to even top weed with, most would simply roast away and there goes the expensive drug you laced the weed with for no apparent reason.
  10. There's assholes out there, what if they were like 'hehe let's put poison on this stuff and have someone find it so they smoke it'
  11. Noo, I'm in the states, Washington to be exact
  12. Yeah I will post some later, this computer isn't cooperating with me, it's trying to make me format my memory card to be able to read it :confused_2:
  13. ive only lucked out like that once in my life, found a half 8th in a ziplok bag after it rained, AND 17 bucks cash.
    i was like hahah fuck yeah a sack right in the gutter and wtf, monopoly mon-, REAL MONEY!!! YEAAAYUH WHUT OHKAY!
  14. Most likely some large size growers trim that they did not have time or the want to spend the time picking out smaller popcorn buds and sugar leaves ot of, are they buds small and airy?
    Is there a large growing field nearby?
    Prob/ just trash to him
    One mans trash is another mans treasure...................................................
  15. Yeah the buds are pretty small, and yeah there's fields maybe like 15 minutes away
  16. It's most likely just regular throw away you found
    Let ya buddy smoke it for a couple a days / no ill effect  Enjoy
  17. I doubt it, if that is a legitimate fear for you then you should probably only grow your own and never buy weed again.
  18. Go back for all the bags and make some QWISO or BHO like the grower shoulda done.
  19. Someones parents probably found their huge ass stash xD.  Lucky fucker.  But yeah if your cousin smoked it without dying or something I'm sure it's fine. :p
  20. #20 gtxerik, Oct 19, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 19, 2013
    Pics or you're trolling.

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