Found a long lost bong!

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  1. I coulda swore there was a thread to post stuff like this in but I couldn't find it or maybe it doesn't even exist btw, to my story...I used to live at home but I have my own place now, but 2 years ago while smoking at home I was getting high in the garage with my bong and ya know how you lose shit when your high? Well apparently I put the bong in such a good hiding place that I even forgot where it was lmao! Today I went home to help my dad clean the garage and while we were junking a bunch of stuff my dad pulls out my bong out from in between some studs behind some drywall and I was like holy fuck! I really thought id never see it again but boy was I wrong haha. Its just a great feeling when you find an old piece...
  2. No way you can do this kind of thread without pictures...

    Tsk Tsk OP
  3. Nice! Wish i cood find a piece or even some bud for that matter lol
  4. Ill snap a pic, I just got done cleaning it, had burnt bud in it and cobwebs all over it.
  5. Your dad just gave it to you? Haha, awesome.
  6. dude finding thought to be lost peices is the best! but you know whats better? finding fat nugs, everyonce in awhile ill be out of bud, and just clean up around the house and find bud behind desks, in magazines, just laying on the ground, it the best feeling ever finding bud
  7. Haha yeah, he was like whats this plastic thing (acrylic bong) and I was like oh thats mine and he didnt ask any thing else about it. Its wierd though cuz I cant tell if he knows if I smoke or not. Whenever he comes over to my house he like whats that skunk smell (my weed) haha and hes seen my other bongs around and shit.

  8. That reminds me of my dad except I think he always knew. He still cracks jokes about me smelling like weed when I visit back home.
  9. Same dude^ back when i was at home my dad was like "im gonna need to install a vent in your room for all that skunk smell" lmao
  10. Never really lost a piece, forgot i owned a piece and found it later? Yes. I find a lot of lost weed around my room though. i get stoned and hide my shit and cant find it for the life of me. I still have a 1/4 hiding around here somewhere..
  11. Yeah that would really bug me, ive yet to lose any dank yet though.

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