Found a Kitten outside

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  1. he sounds very much like my winston. we've got two dogs, a chocolate lab and an english springer spaniel. winston runs the house when we bring him in from the shop. he'll steal the warm spot on the floor over woodstove, and stalk the lab all around the house. the springer is 11 years old, so winston is easier on her, but he loves pushing the lab around and stalking her, batting her tail/ears/nose with his claws tucked in.

    rescuing an animal does something to a person. winston helped bring me back from the edge of the abyss.
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  2. Awwww look at it
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    6712 002.JPG
    "& if the warm spot is already taken..........well that's okay too."

    Rescued this guy about 5 years ago & he pretty much came in & took over without hesitation because he got the nod.
    5-4-12 024.JPG "Look into my big brown eye when i say this is all mine"

    Props for the rescue & a long happy life.
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  4. It really does.

    My girlfriend is debilitated by pain from failed back surgeries, which seems to be getting worse. I can absolutely say this kitten came at the right time for her.

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  5. Awesome stuff Norse. I have a true from outside rescue kitty, and a shelter rescue kitty. Some of the best decisions ive made. Observing a cats self awareness is eyeopening to say the least. Congrats on earning a new housemate.
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  6. Are you planning on getting it fixed?
  7. What a hilarious euphemism right?

    I havent read much about it yet, i have decided to not get him declawed.

    Why do you ask?

  8. I know right? We are so arrogant to think that its broken in the first place.

    Im just curios. My female is not and my male is.
  9. We call that genital mutilation for humans but fixing for animals LOL.

    I hate to tamper with animals, but i dont want an ornery cat that sprays all over either...

    But yea, rescuing animals seems to lead to a special bond, I still miss my little Cedar Waxwing i had.

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  10. for sure, my female was rescued from outside on a cold night as well and she hates outside and only trusts 4 other living beings in the world. She does do a weird spray/pee thing out of the litter box when shes in heat. I would let her outside to fulfill her desires if i was in a more rural area and if she wanted to.

    maybe your cat would enjoy outside. but then again cant have him impregnating every feral cat it sees in heat. My male is neutered and hes a cute little friend to have around for sure. pros and cons for both .

    i couldnt afford it at the time i found my cat.
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  11. yeah winston was fixed and i think it contributed to his weight gain. he's a little chubbier now than before.
  12. If my cat gets heavy ill restrict his diet.

    I know it mice studies even 20% reduction in calories lead to a pretty significant increase in lifespan.

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  13. i tried cutting his diet back some, fed him about two-thirds of what i did before. didn't change much, just made him sing more around 0530/1730. dinnertime is about the only time he's vocal now, when he was a kitten he'd cry out a lot. especially whenever my girlfriend or i were in the bath, he'd be on the box next to the tub, leaning on the tub and crying like he was worried about us or something.


    i used to take him to the store with me in my pants pocket:

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  14. Hahaha thats awesome! Mine will chill on my shoulder like a bird if i am doing dishes or something.

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  15. Nearly 10 years ago we brought in a kitten we found curled up alone in the hedge crying. No idea of who owned the mother or where it came from. Now it's a beloved pet, she's chilling with me as I write this. I do remember years ago seeing a cat that looked suspiciously like mine who I think may have been the mother or father, but who knows, they're probably dead by now.
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  16. looks like you found a new family member that loves his (or her!) new home very much!
    I've had my cat luna for almost 4 years now. can't count the many times she has helped me and kept me happy <3 pets are a wonderful thing

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  17. [​IMG]

    I wish these pix were full resolution...

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  18. hahaha holy shit he's cute, how's the little fella doin? still growing fast i hope.
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  19. He is doing great, the rambunctious little turd that he is. Indeed you were right they do grow so fast.

    Ill have to try to get a short video of Odin and our bunny, Odin is too brave now lol.

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