Found a fossilized claw!

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  1. The blades that saw the first few pages of my journal know that I have found hundreds of ancient spearheads and arrow heads, but this takes the cake for sure!

    Will post a pic ASAP when I get home. I can't imagine what it may have come from, maybe you guys can help me out.
  2. Cool. I want to see now!

    I was in Costa Rica last year and while doing one of those adventure things, I found a rock with a fossilized shell imbedded into it.. not as cool as a claw but cool enough to keep!

  3. The best part is that it's not even imbedded in stone, it's just the claw.

    Got some pics compared with my dogs dew claw, as that is my best guess on what it could be, as well as some pics of spear and arrowheads found in the same general area.
  4. So where are the pics? Lol
  5. when I was younger we would dig holes in this sand hill in my backyard for no reason lol, anyways we found a lot of fossilized shells embedded in rocks and we even found a really old boat anchor buried about 6 feet under the ground that were using now on our fishing boat
  6. You might want to go back to that location with a shovel. Hope you remember where it is.

  7. They're coming I promise, need the password to my brothers desktop lol.

  8. It's my backyard! Well, field actually.

  9. sounds like an amazing spot. what luck that its in the convenience of your own home.......sounds like each day could be an adventure in this situation. what fun!:smoking:
  10. tell me what you think! :wave:

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  11. Man that is seriously epic!

    Edit: maybe it's a bear!

  12. Right? Just got a metal detector for Christmas, can't wait to get out there with it.

    And even if it's a bear, the claw is solid rock, so it was deff prehistoric!
  13. Looks like a fossilized turd. Use your 3 senses...look, touch, and taste :D

  14. Wow that's so awesome. If I was your neighbor we'd have your backyard excavated lmao.

  15. Ahaha would you believe thats what I thought it was at first?

    It's got actual wear marks though and you can see where it met with the leg, so no turd hahaha.
  16. What do you guys think about those arrowheads and that hand axe though?

    All found within 30ft of the claw, coincidence, or epic monster V. Prehistoric human battle?
  17. I personally believe that the best thing you could do is go to your local college or university and bring what you have. Meet with an anthropologist/archaeologist and they'll be able to identify the origins and era (typically). The only downside is that if your land contains some Interesting specimens they might ask for permission to dig and if you refuse, go over our head. I only heard about this happening once, but the intrigue would overwhelm me, as the curiosity already does.

  18. Already tried, no one knows anything apparently :/

    I'm gunna lay out everything I've ever found and take pics right now, you guys are in for it! Lol
  19. I found a human skull in a rental once. Years later I was in class and my professor asked what's the oddest thing we ever found.

    My story dumbfounded the class and the teacher was offended the local pd didn't call him in for an analysis, as was customary.

    We called the cops, a detective removed the head with hair and flesh attached and nobody contacted me again. The house belonged to a recently deceased Vietnam vet. It was speculated that he'd found it hunting near Indian burial grounds, but other people said it might have been a trophy Of war as he was a pow. Didn't mean to steal your light, just wanted to relate.
  20. decided taking pics of EVERYTHING was to time consuming, so these are just the projectile points. no hand tools or scrapers, those are all in the bags in the last picture.

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