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Found a fat bag of mids on the floor...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420dopeaf, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. well i was washing my clothes and wen i was leaving the laundrymat i saw a fat ass bag of reggies on the floor. probably like 3-4 grams. its pretty uncommon to find so much bud on the ground thats why im a little hesitant to smoke it what if its laced ? what if someone did some foul shit to it and dropped it on the ground for some sucker to pick it up lol... Should i smoke it or what ?

    Ps: Gc app is acting sucky and wont let me upload pics >,<
  2. Inspect the bud for anything out of the ordinary (smell, unusual color, etc). If your feeling brave you could always test it out :smoke:
  3. [quote name='"Heyimblazed"']I know I can't upload pics either, but if you think it's laced burn a little don't smoke, crack smells like burning rubber so if it even has a hint of burning rubber I suggest asking a dealer if it's laced (my dealer always checks bud I get from this kinda sketchy guy to tell me if it's laced) if you can't do that or I sketched don't mess with it[/quote]

    thanks i just did that it smelt legit not like burning rubber.
  4. I highly doubt it was laced......

    You got good karma, just smoke it.
  5. [quote name='"Heyimblazed"']

    Yeah always check that now, i got some regs from this kinda shady guy and I smoked it and it smelled weird and I smoked laced weed and I was numb as shot and it severely scared me, told my dealer and now he happily checks it for me if, if there's no problem I probably will down a gram, but I always wanna help someone with a problem about laced weed cause it was the worse experience ever I could never be a crack/meth head whatever I got laced with[/quote]

    Thanks alot dude seriously lol :smoke: always cool to find a helpful stoner like ur self
  6. i dropped an eigth on the bus a few days ago and never even noticed it had gone until i went home :'(
  7. Not saying it's impossible to get laced weed, but the number of smokable drugs limits the possibilities in the first place and then how those are intended to be smoked limits it even further. You could possibly have just smelled something a bit different and psyched yourself out. A "shady guy" selling regs is not trying to waste money by lacing your weed with other drugs. What benefit does he get from it? I'd say that a vast majority of "laced weed" experiences are just anxiety attacks.

    And I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your dealer where you can bring him herb from someone else to ask if it looks laced or not. OP I wouldn't say that's common or that most dealers would be down with it, so I wouldn't recommend it.
  8. the odds of someone purposely leaving some laced shit on the ground are less than a dealer doing something to it because a dealer could gain weight and even ignoring that would still be selling it. Someone's bud on the ground just means that lost weed. However, they could be somene who purposely asked for it to be laced and accidentally lost it.
  9. If I found a bag of weed on the floor, I wouldn't assume it was laced
  10. For someone to drop about 30$ worth of "laced" weed just to get someone fucked up?
    I don't buy it.
    I'd smoke it.
  11. Laundromat? Sounds like it fell out of someones pocket. if it doesn't smell strange and burns cleanly smoke that shit.
  12. Shit I'd smoke it. Even if it's laced
  13. [quote name='"SmOkiepokie"']Shit I'd smoke it. Even if it's laced[/quote]

    lol ur crazy man, i'll pass me no smokey the lace weed
  14. Its your lucky day, man.
    Smoke up!
  15. no one is gonna waste their time and money to buy pot, lace it, and throw it on the ground for some else to smoke.

    Your just lucky man,, blaze that shit upp!
  16. How you think your dealer checks if it's laced?
    Prob smokes it!
  17. [quote name='"Rollen"']no one is gonna waste their time and money to buy pot, lace it, and throw it on the ground for some else to smoke.

    Your just lucky man,, blaze that shit upp![/quote]

    lol i did man i did

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