Found a dime bag I love Black Friday

Discussion in 'General' started by Slick_Rick, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. I found a dime bag at k Mart today. It made my day I picked it up in front of my mom and was like check this shit haha. She told me to throw it away and I didn't anyways. Now I know it's pics or it didn't happen
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  2. Wow, condience I found a old nickle sack while cleaning my closet looking for my ps2 cords


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    The kid that lost it was walking around with his phone flipped over like a flashlight staring at the ground looking everywhere lol.... It's some dankity dank tooSent from woah sweet Grasscity Forum
  4. Wow, now that is something to be grateful for!
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    Damn yo, straight up Kmart?
  6. I saved $500 bucks on a 70 inch tv today...I love black friday too :smoke:
  7. Who brings weed to kmart on Black Friday? We're they trying to slang to random people for half off or some shit?
  8. For that matter who brings packaged weed to kmart at all
  9. Straight up right in front of the candy. I'm guessing whoever dropped it had the munchies lol....

    I was so happy I still can't believe it.
    And idk who brings nug but I'm glad they did

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  10. i see people nigger knot where you are too. fuck the nigger knot man, fuck t.
  11. Wtf
  12. Uhhhhhhh........

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  13. So it was you who found my dime bag... Jk

    Good find though hope it smokes good, can't ever argue with free weed
  14. I would have walked up to the guy with the flash light and said "looking for this?" and gave it back to him, just to see his reaction. I have plenty of weed and it sucks to lose weed so I don't really care. I'd kind of treat it like finding a 20 dollar bill on the ground. If you don't know who's it is then take it, but if you see the person who lost it then I'd return it.
  15. Does kmart still have the blue light special?
  16. Hahahahahahhahah... Ok then. Makes much more sense now.

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  17. i was sure hoping it was just a misunderstanding! if people were about to get mad over my choice of words...thats some 3rd grade shit lol
  18. I think you found someones weed that is on here. Lol

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