Found a cat outside my house!

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  1. Yeah so I was just walking up to my door and this little car was chillin in my bushes, he's pretty young and he's all black, there wasn't a name collar so we don't know who's he is. He's nice as fuck, I bent down to pet him and he just runs over to me and starts rubbing against me and purring haha. My sister is gonna put up some posters and see if anybody says it's there's. He's not really skinny like he hasn't eaten but he's pretty thin, I hope somebody didn't just dump him and leave him.

    But right now we got some newspapers for him and some water in a bowl, he's like 1.5 feet long so I think I can give him cat food?
  2. Yah regular cat food will be fine hahah. Unless he's quite obviously a kitten, but even still it doesn't really matter all too much.

    And if no one claims him, you guys gonna keep him? :D
  3. I sure hope so! We have a dog right now so my mom thinks our dog will not like him or something, but my dog is a pussy, he's 100 pounds and scared of my friends 2 10 pound terriers lol.
  4. Pics or it didnt happen.

  5. Brb 2 seconds.
  6. Here ya go, the little fucker will not sit still. It's a girl btw I just checked lol

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  7. Even if the dog "doesn't like him", given time and space, the dog will get over it. Once it sees the cat isn't a threat ya know.
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    She's pretty cute. Hope she can find a home!
  9. Looks like the kitten I lost when I was 7. Bastardo

  10. I hope we get to keep her she's been climbing all over me for like 15 mins and purring

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