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Found A Can Of Old, Old Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bahookahjoe18, Jun 20, 2014.

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    So, today I booked a gig to help a woman organize her garage.  It was chock full-o-stuff, so the first step was taking EVERYTHING out.  

    In the far right corner of this garage is a darkroom that was in use by the previous homeowner, decades ago.  There was a sink there that the woman asked me to remove.  I took it out and there were different old photo-developing related items there, just chemicals and a couple film canisters.

    As I was disassembling the sink rig, she swept up the stuff on the floor and afterward asked me to go throw it away.  On the way to the trashcan, one of the tins got my interest.  I was curious to see what was in such an old tin, so after I threw the contents of the dustpan into the trash, I skimmed this tin off the top.
    It's strange, because I kind of feel like I expected to find what I found, although another part of my mind says it must have been surprising.  I don't often get surprised at "coincidences" anymore because I understand them, but this one got me.

    I immediately remembered reading a thread on Grasscity about a Blade who found his dad's stash in a film canister in a tackle box from many years ago.  Well, here's this:

  2. SCORE, I would want the seeds, some good old school genetics.
    Plant those fuckers.
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    I don't have the resources to do it well.

    edit:nor the desire

    editx2: if I knew I could put them in a pot of soil and water them every once in a while and it would grow into some form of pot plant, I would maybe do that.
  4. Dude that barley looks like weed. the THC must all be evaporated off it and it will set your lungs aflame if you smoke it. The seeds are probably dead. Thanks for the pic, but trash it.
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    Its not rocket science. home grown bud is the best. Dont get no fresher then from the back yard. :)
  6. If you dont want the seeds Ill take 'em

    That might be some lost genetics like Haze or Acapulco Gold
  7. No way would I smoke it haha!  I like it for its novelty-value and will probably hang onto it just for jokes.

    @[member="snoopdog"], I don't really like smoking weed much anymore, but it would be cool to have a plant, because I like growing things.  It feels good to love and nurture a plant.  I just don't care to grow it for exceptional buds.  Could I just germinate these seeds and then plant them in some decent soil and grow little weed trees in the windowsill?
    Give it a try ! Would be really cool if it worked out ! :p
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    No it wouldn't FrenchToast! It will turn out to be mexican schwag like this
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  10. Hows it smoke?? Haha kidding thats a pretty sick find
  11. Ok can seeds survive up to 20+ years and still germinate?
  12. How do you know? For all you know op could plant those seeds and grow some very rare genetics (that is if they grow which I doubt but to say those seeds wouldn't grow anything but schwagg is just ignorant).
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  14. yeah, I don't know, but don't throw those fucking seeds away. I don't care if no one thinks it works, you could be sitting on literal weed gold genetics-wise, and as far-fetched as it sounds, what you found could be something cherished and long-lost. I would personally advise arranging the sale of the seeds to a reputable grower who knows what the fuck he/she is doing in regards to growing , and/or breeding. Take it all the way man, see what bud you come out with at the end of it. 
    jah!/ :smoking:
  15. How do I find a reputable grower?  I'd give them away if someone wanted them. 
  16. P.S.

    I'm going to smoke a little nug of this weed now hahaha
  17. prepare yourself to choke.
    start them in the windowsill, when they sprout take them outside.. you could grow just for fun in any soil, just dont expect it to flourish like some of the girls you gander on here.
  18. I dont understand, where are the buds? Did they disintegrate to the bottom? 

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