Found a bowl pack.

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    So i'm walking back from class this morning almost to the door of my hall, and what do I find? A little weed baggy, as i identified it anyway. I was right, found about a bowl pack of some good hedes. After I went and worked out, I packed it up and smoked it. Gave me 3-4 hits, and i'm decently buzzed for the amount there was.

    Good bonus to the day. :smoke::yay:
  2. Where'd you find it?
  3. Whoops thought I said where haha, it was right off the sidewalk in the grass.
  4. ..Can I get that back, man? Hahah. Just kidding.
  5. too late bro :smoking: haha
  6. Lol, reminds me of a good day I had in highschool. found a 5 gram baggie in the auditorium of my school during some historical presentation or something lol, that made my night. wasnt the dankest, but my god was it smelly. carried it on me half the day in school, im surprised I wasnt caught ahah
  7. I found a dub sack.

  8. I had to post this somewhere because of the utter awesome level but did want to waste a whole thread on it myself so yay!

    I smoke 24/7 and do not enjoy having no bud at all, I was waiting for my drop 3 hours away 4 hours sober, So I was getting very grumpy.

    So I take my sock off to check my toe because it might be going ingrown and about a .3 or .4 nug flies out of my sock onto my desk I inspected it noticed it was not crushed and thought "I am a true stoner". Honest truth

  9. That's awesome and you should feel awesome. :D :smoke:

  10. ever think about smoking and then working out? if you got some fire, a really good workout will amplify the high 10x ;)
  11. I find by time I finish working out I have lost my high all together, The first 5 minutes of the workout is awesome though because of the high+endorphens.

  12. What would you reccomend ;)
  13. this is actually my first post on here...but driving home from work, it sure as hell helps to just feel around under your car seat or flip up the corner of the floor mat...turns out i had enough bud crumbles for half a works...

  14. I love that feeling, man. :smoke:
  15. Working out makes me lose my high, plus i feel lazier when high and working out
  16. Being high is to enjoy oneself, even in a "lazy" situation ;) I would never work out while high.. Fuck that. :(
  17. getting high is a workout enough... anyone who has ever smoked a shit ton of weed and been so high has either a) gotten lost, therefore walked/ran/climbed/crawled/backflipped/etc. who knows how many miles. b) broke something, therefore became a mechanic/carpenter/entrepreneur/plumber/locksmith/electrician/etc. in a matter of minutes.
    c) just picked up a bag, therefore dealing with the nervousness and calorie burning of dealing with paranoia, running up and down the stairs as fast as i can countless times to hide my bag so my girlfriend doesn't find it, etc.

    the point: get high and who knows, you'll probably get a damn good workout without realizing it.
  18. Yea I walk a lot^

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