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Found a blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xDS, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. I found blunt that was half smoked with my friend five minutes after we buy some weed. We found it at the park on the bench and then the lady who was with her daughter at the swing said it was hers and had lost it but she let us smoke it. That was nice. She asked for a puff though and we gave it to her and she gave it back. I'm high off that bitch now. I basically got high but didn't smoke my weed and got hella high. I'm high off it now. :smoke:
  2. Lmao wow reall lucky . I prob wouldn't smoke it never know what kinda bud is in there you know could be laced but aye never know I prob would've smoked it to lol
  3. if you ever are in the woods and find a sharpie, look inside it
    that ones mine
  4. Did you see what you did there ^^?
  5. I feel lucky :D
  6. lol:d
  7. I can tell bro, haha. Nice find man, Stay high :wave:
  8. You're lucky she let you smoke it, if it was my blunt you wouldn't have been alive to make this thread :devious:
  9. Oops...
  10. nice copypasta...seen this so many places.
  11. "found" a half smoked blunt, with 5 friends and you're high as hell? doubt it
  12. your high he said 5 mins not 5 guys haha

  13. what????

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