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found a bag in my room! pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jerzilla, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. found about half an eighth, i guess that would make it 1/16th.

    I dunno whose weed this is lol... mine now unless someone claims it :cool:

  2. uh thank god send that to me asap.
  3. I find a bag in my room daily.
  4. i see a hair on it. but mannnnn screw you hahaha

    i wish i could find some bud layin around my room... its dry as hell around here.

    smoke away my friend
  5. Fuck you! That's mine! I must have left it over at your house! GIVE IT BACK! NOW!
  6. good karma that looks liek my name too:smoke:
  7. i have some og kush, diesel, and cherry bomb right now and the bag i found i dont think the weed will really compare but always nice to have more bud anyways!
  8. oh shit good looks on finding my bud in your room ill be over in half hour
  9. We all know thats mine! :p
  10. Not funny.
  11. i just found an O.

    wait. i just bought that. FUCK.
  12. someone couldve made a decent joke but they fucked it up haha
  13. Thanks for your input.:rolleyes:
  14. I laughed... :-O
  15. [​IMG]
  16. i lost a twenny once...
    i cried.
    i still hope i magically find it in my room someday....
  17. looks dank hope i find some of that in my room
  18. D:
    not even funny.
    i think i may have actually cried lol xD
    i had just gotten home from a party, around three in the morning, i was drunk off my ass.
    so i decided to smoke some dank shit i had just gotten the day before.
    well, i smoked some
    got stoned off my ass,
    and then i realized i had no idea where the bag had gone.
    that shit was so good...
    and i didn't have a job at that point so buying wasn't very easy xP
  19. its mine i left it in your room. :rolleyes:

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