Found a baby squirrel!

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    As im biking to work this fine morning, at the end of my driveway I notice a little grey clump. I drive over and see that its a baby squirrel!
    I didnt have time at the moment to take care of it or anything so I got a shoebox and put some blankets in it and left it on my porch, hopeing that the mom would find it and take it home. No luck.
    When I got home I see that its still in the box not moving at all. So I did some research and went to buy a bottle so I could feed it milk.
    Right now he's just chillin in the shoe box sleeping. I have determinded from pictures that he is about 2-3 weeks old and should be crawling in about 4-5 weeks.

    I will post pictures of hom ASAP!

    Anyone know anything about taking in abannoned animals? Anything I should expect?

    :wave: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Mmmm, raise him up good and plump, he'll be tasty when he's all growns up.
  3. You're horrible Pete! I want to keep it as a pet, but I dont think squrrels are tameable.

    Ps. Have you ever actually had squirrel meat? Just wonderin.

  4. Not yet but I'm open minded. :ey:

  5. they are tamable! they can get pretty attached to you actually, and some squirrels will actually come to you when you call their name.

    some animals have a hard time when theyre separated from their parents and may go in to a type of depression and not eat.

    just be affectionate and give him a lot of attention.

    oh and ive had squirrel before... it is actually pretty tasty but not really worth it. i was going to get a flying squirrel this fall but have decided on a sugar glider instead
  6. ... Domesticate it, sign important documents with it, and then mate with its women.
  7. Train him to steal delicous treats from bakeries, candy shops, etc....
  8. my dad found a bady squirel and he kept it as a pet for like 6 years and they used to let it run around the house. It would sleep in the cabinet and shit and just chill ith you
    the this was fuckin sick
  9. trian it to use a litter box and to pickpocket on command. nothing says im cool liek a pickpocketing squirell. sp. to bent for this
  10. how could you even be mad if you got pick pocketed by a squirell :confused:
  11. You absolutely have to teach it how to waterski.

    And i bet you can domesticate it. I recently saw a tame hippo on animal planet. It actually swims with its owners and sleeps with the dogs
  12. leave sandy's babys alone
  13. hippos are hardcore gangstas... i wouldn't want even a domesticated one anywhere near my dog
  14. Haha it would cool to have a squirrel as a pet, what if you raised one with a ferret.
  15. the ferret would try to kill it just like any other rodent...

    your going to need a lot more stuff than just a bottle and formula *hope youre not using just milk from the jug...*
    food *soon*
    and to make sure its legal where you are...and could be for now keep any other animals away from it
    wash ur hands before AND after holding it

    my dads gf used to foster squirrels...

    him being in the open like that for so long...i hope he pulls thru...but i wouldnt get my hopes up. taking in ANY wild animal to foster...even a healthy one...runs a high death rate...but you can at least make him comfy...

    good luck
  16. i bet that fucker would launch pretty far out of a potato gun
  17. well whatever you do, under any circumstances, never get your squirrel stoned.
  18. Yeah my friend brought a baby squirrel home, and it died a couple of days later, and they did everything they could.
  19. my girlfriend found on outside of her work once, and we kept it for a few days but it died.

    they need a lot of care, and make sure its very warm when it goes to sleep.
  20. That's so cool dude, take real care of it. Breed it eventually, send me one.

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