Found 2 oxy 30's! First time!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by longsword525, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Just found 2 legit oxy 30's and this is my first time experience with it.

    Can someone tell me how to consume it and how much? I searched but came up dry. Thanks!
  2. Ha, yeah you searched...

    Well anyways, do you want to snort it or eat it and we'll go from there.
  3. Everyone will tell you to rail them..
    For the sake of your health..
    Just swallow them.

    Just swallow both at once and have fun.
  4. snort it bro (but dont do this often or ur fucked (addicted)), the effects can come on as quick as 15 seconds and it feels SO good
  5. Last 2 posters are both right. Blowing it makes it come on faster, as well as hit you harder, but the high does not last as long as obviously taking things up your nose is not good for you.

    Parachuting is probably your best bet for a first timer, balancing the pros and cons of just eating and blowing them.

    I'd smash up a whole 30 and wrap it in a small amount of toilet/tissue paper, then just swallow this.
  6. Debating on eating em or snorting them. I have really good self-control and I am pretty sure that I won't be addicted.
  7. What does parachuting do thats different than just eating them?
  8. Don't snort: the point isn't addiction, the substance damages your nasal cavities severely. Obviously you don't know any coke-heads or you would see why this is an ENORMOUS no-no. If they are time-release simply chew them a few times or crush them and put them in a beverage.
  9. Parachuting... you crush the pill(s) into a powder, wrap them in a small amount of toilet paper and swallow that. If you are unfamiliar with rudimentary chemistry, the more fine a substance is ground up, the faster it will react. That's why I said break the pills up, esp. if they are time release! Have fun and be safe :)
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    You have to suck the coating off if you're going to snort.

    I wouldn't even take a whole one the first time if you're going to crush it. I think 60 with no tolerence would OD you.

    I'd start with sniffing or parachuting half, waiting about 30 minutes to an hour, then taking the rest if you don't nod.

    Edit: Also, smoke like a chimney. Don't drop your pipe.
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    So cut it in half and crush and parachute it?

    or just take one and crush and parachute?
  12. If it were me, I would do that, then smoke a bowl, wait 30-45 minutes see how I feel and consider the other half, or more bud.
  13. PLHUGGZZ IT! Place it inside of your ANUHZS!!!!!11!2@1!!

    plug that shit tho, put it in your butt hole and dont poop.
  14. snort em asap
  15. Yep!

    Just stick to under thirty mg total the first time for sure. Seriously, I've seen someone so deep in the hole a cigarette burned down and through a chunk of his middle finger and he didn't notice.
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    Haha woww..

    Which method will have the most noticeable effect? I have a couple sips of soda left....

    I'm just guessing crush 1 30mg and parachute then drink cola?

    Yes I have no tolerence but i have tried vicodin before and I liked it.
  17. plug them. put them in your asshole.
  18. They are making fun of you for not knowing how to recreationally use OC. Anyways, as I already said, the "best" way would be to break it up and swallow it. If not parachuting, one can just crack it in their teeth and then drink right after to wash down the fragments and to eradicate the taste. If furthUr information is needed, I suggest erowid and google.

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