found 10,000

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by randomdudeee, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. my other thread was deleted this probably will be too

    but before you mods delete it can you let someone answer

    what trouble am i facing finding $10,000
  2. What trouble are you facing..................

    The fact that you're an idiot
  3. nice first post i guess?
    where did you find it?
  4. im an idiot because i dont wanna turn it in?

    lets see i could

    take it to the police, have them try and blame me for stealing it since i have a criminal record and at the very least walk out with nothing but the feeling of stupidity for throwing away something that could drastically change my life, times are hard right now

    or i could
    keep it for myself, get a 2000 car, get my license, and put the rest into house payments

  5. uhhhhhhh haha

    washington is an amazing state :)
  6. Spend it on ice and have a week long binge party.

  7. that makes sense, i guess?
    dont come looking for help if your not going to describe your situation.

    saying you found 10,000 isnt enough.
  8. Karma's A Bitch.

  9. i dont wanna give any details on where i found it, since people think its so terrible i keep the money they could just as easily tip off police
  10. if you believe in karma then why could this not be good karma for all the shit ive been through
  11. dude were not pigs here bro were not gonna squeel on you you pusssy. quit bein a bitch and tell us the story. Look at all these cats on here growin pot and posting pics and describing all the details, you think theyre worrying about having their life RUINED???? this is a community of trusting members, if you dont trust us why the fuck are you here dude??
  12. i was walking down the street with a my friend and we went back by this foresty area to sit down and chill out cause wed been walking for like 5 miles, my friend lit up a cig and was pacing back and forth and hes like is that money? and i look behind me and hidden up in the bush were two brown paper bags full of 100s and 20s

    it came out to be 10,240 dollars
  13. keep it ahhh durrrrr
  14. it was probably a drop off spot.
    i think it's safe to say you wont have trouble with cops.

    your only concerns should be whether or not the people who left it there or were going to pick it up, saw you guys. in which case i would be very very scared right now.

    good luck.
    (and yes i believe it is good karma finding the money, not bad karma for not turning it into the police)
  15. I suggest you stick with this never speak of this again be careful where you spend it and never go back to that bush again
  16. awesome, sorry for being a dick :smoking: pretty sweet story. but where are the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol jk jk;)

    i agree with this dude ^^^^^
  17. why would i waste my time signing up for a forum and lie about finding money rofl

    and nah nobody saw us
  18. pics of the money and bags or it didnt happen, lyin ass
  19. keep it but be careful who you tell, you probably have a drug dealers 10,000 dollars and like you said times are rough right now. you dont want to get hurt or killed over this. just keep quiet and congradulations, 10,000 dollars could really help out just about anybody right now.
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